Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Well merry christmas to everyone!
-On wednesday(Christmas Eve) the office went over to the mission home for a christmas eve party!!! :) We played games, ate some great turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes with gravey/green beans (all in all everything) dinner, and watched the fireworks on presidents roof at midnight and hung out with president as he turned on the elf movie (with will ferrell)! super fun, and sure stuffed ourselves on the great dinner and all the goodies afterwards! we had a white elephant gift exchange to keep the tradition up and just enjoyed the evening! we crashed in his house about 1AM. Best president ever!!

-On Thursday (Christmas Day)- We started off the morning opening the presents that president had boughten us...and came to find out that he had gotten us all nerf guns! And then president even started up the HUGE war that followed opening them!! FUN!!! Then we had a french toast with bacon breakfast and then got to call home!!!! it was wonderful getting to speak with the family again and hearing their voices....been a while since i had heard them.

During the evening, all the missionaries serving in arequipa gathered together in the plaza de armas (center of the city) to sing christmas carols and songs for all to hear and then to contact them for future lessons. and it turned out AWESOME!! i was asked to bring my violin and i was able to play along with the huge choir of 80 plus missionaries there. I will send a short video clip. (president zobrist has more shots that i will have to send when i can get those.) :) Some of my converts found me in the plaza and gave me gifts and it was great to see all my friends again from 15 de agosto! 

And those were the highlights of the week! we had a very merry christmas down here in Arequipa, Peru and i hope everyone else did too! Now i wish you all a very happy new years! 2015!!!!! :)

i sent a bunch of pics...and i know the pictures say a 1000 words so....enjoy!

love you all! Merry late Christmas from Peru!


Christmas night in the plaza de armas...we went there (all the missionaries in Arequipa) to sing christmas carlos and songs. i brought my violin and played for everyone in all the songs. we had a huge crowd show up and listen to us and we contacted like all of them. and we now have a ton of people to go and visit!! i will have to send some pictures of the whole crew later when i actually have them! sure was fun!

1-4-3 for always

 Elder Birtcher
 Misión Perú-Arequipa

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