Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Beloved Familia!
Merry Christmas!!


Glad you had a great time, hope it was a great turn out and the parites were awesome! 

Well sorry i couldnt write on saturday...but you guys were so busy you wouldnt have read it anyways. On saturday we were in Tacna again, but this time for some time to do some divisiones and then have our Christmas Devotional with the 5 most southern zones in the mission. It really turned out fun, the food was great and we even got to go to the plaza de armas and sing christmas hymns and proselyte to all the catholics that came out to watch us. :) Had about 90 missionaries in the choir and what a neat experience. We will be doing the same thing here in arequipa this thursday night as well in the plaza de armas. It will be a huge push for the video he is the gift and we will share it with the world!!! 

Last sunday we were in Moquegua again and we got to attend and play in a Christmas Musical Program which turned out to be a huge success as well. we filled up the chapel once more. And monday was our training for the new trainers which went okay and then tuesday we picked up all the newbies from the airport and gave them a huge tour of arequipa and then had lunch with them before training them. On wednesday and thursday we were busy with 2 other christmas devotionals with 10 zones from the mission and playing games with them and organizing all the activities along with president and his wife. Friday was spent traveling to tacna with presi and his wife and then doing some divisiones like i said. and saturday was the last christmas party, and yesterday we returned home after 6-7hours of traveling!!! yay!!! it felt so good to be home once more. 

it was a SUPER BUSY week that flew by!  

sorry i dont got much more time but i got to get runny. more things to do! love you all and cant wait to hear from you.

nos vemos jueves!




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