Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Welcome 2015. holy smokes that one  rolled around fast. 
hey how is everyone doing?? great from what i hear and from the pictures that i saw. 

For our new years, end of december week we actually had some time to work in our area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAH BABY!! it is something that i love doing. we got to visit some very great families in the ward and help others out with some service projects and it just turned out really great! New years eve and new years were defiantely a little bit slower due to the emptiness of the streets and to all the drunks hanging around. But we still managed to find some people to teach and have some noches de hogar with some other families pretty much every night of this week! haha funny story: so on the 1st for dinner this member envites us to come over to her house to eat some grubb. so we show up. she had made a HUGE TURKEY for us and tried to put about half of it on each of our plates, then puts on the other half of our plates chorizos (arequipa sausages) and then puts stuffing on top of all of that....AND THEN...goes and opens up a papa johns pizza box and places some pizza slices on our plates too!!!!!! talk about full leaving that house! and she still tried to give us more food! :) so much for trying to keep off the weight. 

For our new years eve...we were confined to the rooms this year. we could still go up to our roof and watch the fireworks that do not let you sleep at all!! and especially with people shooting some great big ones right over our heads. a great sight to see! sad that it is my last huge firework show here in peru. :( 

However, president did invite us over to the house earlier in the evening to have a new years eve dinner celebration (just the office elders) and did we eat good. We had some american steaks that president found in this random market which were fantastic! especially with that A1 sauce you guys sent me! thank you so much. you were really in tune with the spirit in sending me that one. We also had bake potatoes with presidents homemade sour cream (wonderful!!) and corn and homemade rolls. everything a gringo could dream of here in peru! :) then we had some pecan pie with vanilla icecream. 

so all in all...a great start to the new year! so HAPPY NEW YEARS 2015 TO ALL OF YOU!! hope you guys celebrated it well. When does school start up again for everyone?? good luck with all that starting up as well. 

gald the holidays went well for all of you and that all the family was together once again. 

lets see this week starts off busy as ever. we started the zone conferences yesterday and that is what we will be doing this next week. Zone leader and hermana leader training monday and tuesday, wednesday we go to moquegua, thursday we go to ilo, friday we go to  tacna and depending on if we can catch a flight out of tacna friday, then we return to arequipa that night or come back saturday. so say goodbye to next week. then its the same stuff going on the next week after that. i will let you know on the changes. 

i am happy and healthy and loving the arequipa weather right now. it is starting to cool off quite a bit (unusual)...but hey i am not complaining! :) 

well got to run. got some stuff to do this pday. 

love you all. 

se cuidan 


 Elder Birtcher
 Misión Perú-Arequipa

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