Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Muy buenas tardes a todos,

Good to write you guys again. i really enjoy this time during the week. :)

My week was filled as usual. Started out busy with office work and reports as we usually have on mondays and working a bit with president. We were able to do divisions as well this last week. i was able to go back once again to my old area in 15 de Agosto to help the elders there a bit, because they are both new and have no idea who to work with or where anyone lives and they espeically dont know where my converts are to continue to work with them. And it was a really great experience to see everyone again. i was able to stay the night in 15 de Agosto and it just hit me at how much i really miss all those who i really love back there. sometimes i get so foucsed on my area and the mission and many times i forget about them and how they are doing and it was just great to see how they are doing once more. :) great memories i have there. on wednesday i was swamped with informes and getting ready for those that are coming into the mission on monday and sending those off to their houses. We also have 4 new elders coming into the office here. my companion will be leaving this change and heads out on monday :( sure like being with him, but i am exicted for my new companion. he is one of my best buds, another elder from equador, named Elder Roman. haha i love those ecuadorianos. he will be my 3rd from equador. :)

and we will get him running really fast just like i did when i first came in. we train the trainers on monday night and get the newbies on tuesday and then train them and do some divisiones and then start all the interviews for the 240+ missionaries here in the mission. 

Thursday we did have a lunch with all the newest elders and hermanas here in the mission to see how they are doing and to coach them up a bit. and later in the evening we had the farewell for those leaving for home. kinda crazy to send off the sisters that i came with. that sure went by fast. but asi es. 

well there is the work side of my life. as for me. i am doing well. i feel the great need to look for the spiriit more in my life. i am looking for more spiritual experiences everyday and i am just trying really hard to be the guy the lord wants me to be. its not easy sometimes, but i am up for the challenge. i am coming closer and closer to my Heavenly Father each day and i love it. there is no greater feeling :) i am happy, i am a little tired, but hey its pday. its time to PLAY!!! :) ready for the new change and ready to keep running and serving. 

i love the mission. i have learned so much and i still am learning. always look for the spirit. recognize his voice and his impressions and he will guide you and us to life eternal. i love you guys so much. i really do. hope you know that. 

wish you all a wonderful week. 



 Elder Birtcher
 Misión Perú-Arequipa

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