Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kinda glad this week is over actually. it was one of those go by kinda quickly but super long days kinda week. And ive been stressed and im super tired but this week should be a lot better. 
My new comp rolled in Monday afternoon. His name is Elder Roman from Ecuador and he is a great guy, ready to work and ready to have some fun. We trained the trainers Monday evening after our dinner with them and President. I feel it went well. Its a great new bunch of trainers that should really have some success with their new kids. 

Tuesday, we picked up the new elders and sisters from the airport and did the normal tour to the temple site and to the center of town...they sure enjoyed it. then came back to the mission home for their debriefing and then sent them on their way. There is an elder who came who is from arizona, who knows a bunch of my football buds from mvt so it was fun to chat with him. love it when an arizona brother rolls into town here. :)

Then Wednesday through friday were getting out and teaching in the evenings and getting ready for our one hecktic ride for the month of February. You should see our calender. (By the way thanks mom, for the calender that you sent me! i love it! and its getting good use....reminds me on the calander that you always use at home-trying to fit all the activities in one tiny little box :) ) 

I wasnt feeling too good either this past week, but now i am doing fine. just buckling up for februrary i guess. and it starts on monday.

We have the leadership counsel/training meeting monday and tuesday and then we hit the road for the rest of the month to do the interviews for all the 250 plus missionaries here. pray for mi. i will certainly need it. 

i am hanging in there. gonna be an adventure here in the next couple of weeks. but it will be fun. lets all just put smiles on the faces and enjoy what life brings us! love you guys como siempre.



The following Post is out of order and was a letter from December that didn't get Posted-  Oops !

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