Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello guys,

im tired. i think that can sum up my letter for today. 

i want to do something fun today...but just cant find anything to do...i think i will have to find some wings and make myself a little happier. 

however....it was a good week. a not stop on the go kinda week...but nevertheless, a good week. 

Mon. and Tues. were in the Mission Home training the Zone leaders and the sister leaders once again. our meeting on monday night went super late and we ended almost at 10:30PMish...Monday president took me and my comp to play some tennis against him and sister Zobrist, and i recieved a HUGE piece of humble pie. i cannot play tennis. lesson learned for this last week. my 1st time playing...and it might be my last. :)

Tuesdays training lasted all day long and we were able to get one lesson in during the night time to one of our progressing investigators. But she is struggling right now. some other churches are visiting her and are really confusing her now on everything that she has felt and what she believes....kinda frustrating but we are praying and asking for guidance on how to help her. pray for her...her name is briggit. 

Wednesday morning and into the afternoon was spent in the office working with president on some changes and other planning things before we hit the road and headed down for moquegua. president had some meetings there that night so we needed to go with him. bought plenty of junk food to accompany us during our 4 hour car ride :) once in moquegua, cornejo and i went to visit some old friends in our areas there...good to see them once again. ate dinner with the zone leaders and with presidente and then slept in the hotel.

Thursday, we got up early and had breakfast before driving to ilo for our zone conference with moquegua and ilo zones. that went well and had lunch with all the zones! fun to see my old zone once again. i think of all the things that i like being an assistant...its that...being able to see all my friends many times throughout the months that keep flying by. stayed in the hotel in ilo that night after doing divisions with the elders there during the night hours.

Friday morning we drove down to tacna for our last zone conference of this week and had lunch with the 3 zones afterwards. Cornejo and i then flew back to arequipa late last night. and we crashed... 

then this morning we cleaned the church with our ward counsel, just played a little soccer with some members and now are going to find something to do. it can get kinda boring around here sometimes. i just need a good pday. 

im good. trying to stay stress free and do what the lord wants me to do. hope i am doing what he is asking. pray for me. i need all the prayers i can get. 

this next week is another rollercoaster of events. we have 3 more zone conferences coming up...the days i dont know yet, i need to check up on that with president...work work work. it never stops...nor do i want it to. 

well there you have it. love you all. stay safe. 



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