Monday, June 30, 2014

Hey Guys:
Well it was a rough week...but i am happy because i just read about all the wonderful things that are going on back home!
A HUGE congradulations to Dav and Annessa for their new baby boy....Why wasnt it named Weston??? (We will talk later :) )...Congrats to danilynn and ken for becoming abuelitos and grandma and grandpa for becoming great grandparents (dont worry you arent old).... Another HUGE congradulations to Britni for your baptism date this july!!!!!!!! i am SO excited for you both greg and britni!!! congrats to nate and megynn about their wedding!!!!!......oh wait that hasnt happened week ;) and tiffany for dating my best friends brother! cool. :) and cant forget big michael and johnny for their ordinations. great stuff happening back home.
here....things are continuing to roll forward. we have found some great new investigators to teach and we had a great turn out in the reunion sacramental....7 of our investigators came! we were stoked. we have planned for this week 3 baptisms that should be great to see! they are so ready!!!!!
 i should be recieving a change this week i think. we shall see where or if it even happens. thats what i have heard from a bunch of different missionarys now.
the week was sure busy though. the days long....week went by fast. we did have a scare on wednesday when our pentionista, mama jenny, fell from the 2nd story of the house onto her head and back. she cracked open her head and blood was everywhere so we rushed her down to the hospital and we were there with her basically all day long. they did x rays and scans and everything but luckily and its a miracle that she had no brain damage and no back fractures or broken bones. she is doing mucho better....and is in the house now. but...she cant do anything. just resting. but the members have been wonderful here, stepping in and helping out. so pray for her to recover quickly.
i sure love this ward. if i leave i will be sad  but i will do what the lord we shall see.
other than that...not much to say about the week. i hope you all have a great one and are safe and happy!

con mucho amor,


Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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