Monday, July 21, 2014

Hi guys!
Well i dont have any time. we are so busy around here doing everything. i am so tired. so it might just turn into a bullet point letter. but i am so jealous aobut the family reunion! sounded liked you guys had a BLAST!! i wish i couldve been there with you guys. 
but que dice la vida aqui. well. moquegua is great. i really really like it. my comp is great. the lord has blessed us with investigators that both have accepted baptismal dates for the end of the month and we are just running around all of moquegua doing things for hte zone. but i am happy and well. 
We did go back to arequipa this last monday for the meeting with president and teh leaders of the mission which turned out really great. learned a lot of great stuff and got to see a bunch of my good friends again in the mission. a lot of them will be leaving these next ocuple of changes which is sad. love those guys. 
we were informed that elder neil anderson of the 12 will be coming along with bishop davis and elder grow of the 70 at the end of august to have a mission conference wiht us! that should be aweomse!! i am super excfited. 
today we just got done having a whole zone conference as well and i got to teach for about 45 mins. turned out really well. i was sure relying on the spirit and he put the words in that needed to be said. 
i sure love hte zone here. great missionaries and sisters. we have 6 sister missionaries here and 12 other elders. so its fun. 
i hope all had a great 4th of july. we celebrated here (well just the gringos...) by making peach cobbler, browines, bought icecream and made shephards pie. JUST LIKE HOME IT WAS!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA. we did sing the nation anthem and i played it on the violin. how truely blessed we are to live in the US. too bad we lost in the world cup. haha i really love soccer now. the skills are improving and we sure love playing. 
but thats about it. wish i could right more but....dont got the time. 
have an awesome week!

ps. happy birthday to faith!!! jakes is just around the corner!!!
and congrats dad on the shed. send me pics! 
love you all mucho. 

      Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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