Tuesday, June 17, 2014

hi my mommy and dad, and friends and family

1st-dad, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! i wish i couldve called you to tell you that. i sure missed you and was thinking about you yesterday. thank you for all you do for me. youre example and love and all the service you give me. you are one of a kind dad. couldnt have asked for a better one. love you so much.
how are you doing? sounds like things are great....as for questions....i am doing good. i have been having comp problems a lot this last week. but i have been praying for help and patience and the lord has been helping me. this last week i have been pretty angry and unhappy lately....my comp can be a pain. but we had a good talk and things are getting way better. as for the responsiablities...they havent changed too much. just hte usual district leader stuff. and teaching every tuesday, and doing interviews and making sure everything is going well in the district. they gave me a pretty rough district cause they said i could haddle it and better the situation. and we have. the lord has certainly helped me out on that. we should have full baptisms in the district this week. i am excited about that. i do have sisters in the district but they are way new and have a lot to learn. but we are all working hard.
as for what happened this last week....nothing much. just work and work and more work. had some meetings and worked with some more investigators. we are working with 2 sisters that should be getting baptized this saturday. their names are jhoana and naomi and they have the desires to be baptized SO BAD but mom wont sign the papers. they are 16 and 12 years old. so pray for them that mom will soften her heart and let them enter into the waters. we are also working wiht a family of 5 that if they would just come to church they could be baptized here pretty soon. it will be some work to get mom and dad married but that will be so awesome if it works out that way!
some members also gave us some references of another family that they are chosen of the lord!!! named teodora and her daughter of 10, loura. i hope we have great success with them here in the next couple of weeks. and another chosen person named steven. we found him at our noche misional last saturday night...at our karaoke activity! haha that was a lot of fun and we saw a bunch of people that we havent seen in a while.
but the work continues. i love it so much. changes are in 2 weeks and there is a rumor that i might be leaving (...as a zone leader) but i dont know...i kinda doubt it. maybe in a change or 2 or 3. who knows. we just do the will of the lord and serve where we are in the positions that we have. the lord loves us and will not leave us alone and solo. he is always on our right side and left side and will go before our faces.
i got to give a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting. and i spoke about are we sleeping through the restoration (from elder uchtdorfs talk this past conference). we must do all we can for the lord. we really dont have too much time to do it. so lets get started. put your shoulder to the wheel and get pushing. he will help us push.
have a wonderful week all of you. hope you dont die of too much heat. arequipa is cold!!!
from peru to all of you,
with a lot of love,


Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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