Monday, June 2, 2014

Dear Family/Friends:

We had 2 baptisms this last week! it was sure a spiritual experience and we could see the lord work his miracles to allow all to work out smoothly. we have been working with these kids and mom for a while now and they have progressed so much. mom knows its true but doesnt want to change (....yet) and the kids knew for sure and wanted to be baptized. dad doesnt live at home, works in lima and comes home once every month, which obviously doesnt help the family out much. (and mom and her not married...have a ton of problems) well at first mom and dad both said no for the kids to get baptized. then mom changed but had fear of dad who still said no. but she still signed the papers. dad finds out....he is ticked and says that he is coming home from lima early to stop the baptism. i had the chance to talk with him on the phone and that was his intention. so me and my comp were praying a lot for them and the whole thing ot work out. well dad showes up unexpected....tries to convince his kids that they shouldnt be baptized...but the 9 year old boy, Dante, and the 8 year old girl, jackelyne, told him off!! We had a wonderful baptismal service for them....and guess who shows at the end of the service, he was balling. he even got up and shared his feelings with everyone...saying that he was so happy that his kids were baptized and that they were following god. miracles no? the gospel changes people, even in front of your very eyes.
it was special.
funny story i dont know what is wrong with our baptism font because i turned on the hot water for over an hour and when we got in it was freezing!!! mom told me before i had tested the water...i hope the water is warm cause, dante doesnt like cold water...haha i responded oh dont worry about that, the water is warm....i think i need to repent for lying :) but dante didnt want to get in. i had to pick him up and put him in the water. and he was so nervous...but after calming down a little bit he told me he would do it. so i said the words and put him into the ice cold water....he comes out like shivering and says im getting out!!....but....ooops...his toe had popped up out of the water, got to do it again. lets just say that was the fastest baptismal prayer you have ever heard. :) but the cool part was, the second time we didnt feel the cold. he had a great big smile on his face and was so happy.
as for the rest of the went well. we have been working hard with a bunch of investigators who are ready to get baptized and we confirmed 4 dates for baptism. we have 2 planned this weekend and 2 the next. our goal for our area is 8. i know that if we are obedient and work and do all we can the lord will provide. i think it was elder ballard who is impossible to fail when we do all we can in the lords work. so we are excited.
the district is doing great. of the zone, we had 5 baptisms!!! great stuff. i was sure busy this last week doing interviews and visiting with all those investigators. you can sure feel the spirit in those interviews and the lord always puts in your heart and mind the things that we must say.
last saturday was the birthday of 2 of the missionaries in our zone...and i get a call in the morning from the zone leaders...hey birtcher, can we do a fire on your roof??...haha my fires on the roof have become famous :) so the whole zone came over later that night for cake and a fire. :)
another cool story that we had this last week was i got to do divisions with the zone leaders and we went to one of their meetings with 2 investigators who dont speak a lick of spanish...just quechua, a very old native language here in peru. we had a translator (their bishop) translate everything we said to them. they will be baptized this saturday :) it doesnt matter what language, the fulness of the gospel will be spread until it has sounded in every ear and been brought unto all the nations, kindreds, and people of the world. the scriptures say that everyone will hear the gospel in their native tounge so that they can understand it and accept it. it was a really awesome experience. peruvians are so awesome. i love them so much. they are my lamanite brothers and sisters. and teaching about the book of mormon to them is just fulfilling the promises of those ancient prophets of old. i love it.
i just really want to learn quechua now :)

and that was the week really. the gospel is true. this is the kingdom of god on the earth. without a doubt that is my testimony. may we do all we can to expand the gospel so that all the children of god may hear of it and change their lives and find salvation unto their souls.

i love you all very much. gracias por todo que hacen para mi. dios les bendiga en todo.
con mucho amor.


Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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