Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Como le va con Ustedes?
I hope all is well.

well let me tell you about the week. B.U.S.Y.

had some training meetings with the zone leaders and planning meetings, divisions with other missionaries, teaching and training....the works. but it was a great week and i learned so much from it.

We had 2 more baptisms this last week. One which was an absolute miracle! We had a noche blanca again and have 5 baptisms. It was all planned out with the zone leaders and all the details were all planned out but things fell apart in the last few seconds....and everyone sort of turned to me so i had to take charge of the situation and run everything but it all worked out well and we had a beautiful baptism service for the lucky 5. I was able to play the violin on a special muscial number ïf you could high to kolob¨ which turned out really nice and my pianist and i got many complements from it. haha that and playing in front of the 2 stakes as put the word out to arequipa and i have recieved calls from some members asking if i can go to there baptismal services in other wards to go and play special musical numbers. so i guess i need to prepare myself.

but the noche blanca was way special. Nelly who we have been working with for so long now entered the waters (WHICH WERE FREEZING!!) and got baptized along with Wendy...another awesome girl in our ward. i know i have written some others this today but...there is no greater joy. no greater happiness. no greater peace. i love the gospel of jesus christ. all i want to do is follow him and continue on, faithful in this mission and help others find the truth. there is nothing like it. i encourage ALL to serve missions. now is the time. the lord needs us. his precious children need us. how grand is our responsiblitly and how much trust the lord has in us to cumplete his propositos and designs in this time of our lives.

so 4 down...4 to go. the goal this month is 8 baptisms. i know we can do it. the lord will help us.

elder chavez and i are working hard and we were able to find a wonderful family this last week who are so ready to hear the gospel. the mom, elizabeth has 4 kids and is so receptive. the blessings that we recieve. :)

dont have much more time to write but...let us continue on faithful. serving the lord in every way that we can. he will bless you in ways that you can not possibly imagine.

have a great week to you all.


1-4-3 para siempre


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