Saturday, May 31, 2014

ll...its a Wednesday!! haha
sorry i wasnt able to write you guys this last week on monday. i was in Lima. i was working on getting my visa issues all taken care of finally and guess what!!!! IM LEGAL! :) haha only after 10 months. but it really wasnt that great of a trip...didnt sleep but 3 hours and they were hustling us around and we were doing paperwork from 8am-4:30PM. but alll worked out well and we came home monday night. i was so tired. but it was good to see lima again i guess. it wasnt like the 1st time or 1st couple of weeks that i was there though...maybe cuase i understand what everyone is saying and its just busy and dirty and crowded...but hey the good part...i got to eat papa johns :)

anyways...that is what happened on monday but let me fill you in on this last week. Changes happen. Elder loor went to Tacna. it was rough to see him go and my new companion Elder Chavez came. he actually came from tacna as well and we knew each other there as well. he is a great misssionary and i am excitedt o be working with him this next change or 2. he is from trujillo peru from a family of 9! haha we actually have a bunch in common which helps out. we both will complete our year marks here togther in july (he only has 2 weeks more than i do in the mission) and his birthday is the 14 of decemeber and mine is the 11th! and we are also the same age. :) cool stuff.

i was also called as district leader which has been great. i am enjoying the area and the work here. we have worked really hard this last week and found a bunch of new people to teach who are preparing for baptism.

one of them her name is joanna. it was later at night and we were passing by her and we felt prompted to give her a phamplet. but you need to be careful with the girls at night....cause i mean...think aobut it. its dark, 1 girl, 2 guys (guapos i might add :)) asking where do you live? we would love to visit you. do you have a telephone number we can call you by?? how many people are in your family?? :) usually they put up a defensive wall pretty fast on us...not that i dont blame them. but we get to talking with her. turns out she had recieved all the lessons from the missionaries a year earlier....all the way up to her interview for baptism. but something happened...she got scared or sick and never had it. and the missionaries never returned. so a year later, she finds us again and still wants to get baptized. she came with us to the stake conference that we had this last sunday and things are looking great with her. we are excited and it was just another testimony for us that the lord prompts us to talk to his chosen, those who are prepared for his work and to come unto him.

we should be having a couple of baptisms here in the next couple of weeks and we are being very blessed. perhaps we arent the best teachers or arent the best missionaries but as we strive to do all we can (the very best that we can) the lord will recompensate us for our efforts and help us learn and grow and bring others unto the everlsting gospel.

i am still getting complements for the violin solo that i did last sunday...which helps me know a lot more people in the stake. (one of the blessings for playing the violin). but as for me...i am doing well. i am healthy and excited to work everyday. i hate my alarm as it goes off too fast but thats the life. the investigators are wonderful, the ward is great, peru is getting colder but the smiles continue to show.

i wish all those who have graduated highschool a very happy congratdualtions and felicitaciones, i wish i could have been there to have seen it. thank you for your letters, support and love.

from peru,



Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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