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APRIL 28,,2014

Querido Familia y Amigos:

I am sort of gald this last week was over....dont get me wrong it was a great productive week. but it was crazy.

last monday my companion had his operation on his ingrown toenails and took out part of the bone in both feet. That was a fun experience for him...haha not. he was in a lot of pain and hurting, but pills later along with a blessing...he was doing much better. i was in the hospital waiting for 5 hours!!! not because the operation was so long, but because the doctor was 3 hours late!! there is something here called hora peruano (peruvian time) which means...NOTHING ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH WILL START ON TIME. i have been battling hora peruano for the whole mission with no success or improvement. ugh...but what happened is in the past. but yeah that night was a late one. we got back to the house around 11-11:30ish PM and i was helping him out and didnt get to bed till way late.

this whole week he has been resting. he cant walk...which means it was my job to find companions to accompany me all this week. and what a battle that was. all the adults were working, and all the kids were studying and in school or working as well. i did find some to accompany me almost everyday....but it was rough. so the area was mine for the week and will be for this next week as well. we have to go back to the doctors today to take out his stiches and will see what he says about what he can do. we are guessing that he wont be able to walk for another good 4 days just to be safe of infection (cause its dirty here) and they might not even take the stiches out....cause his feet are still bleeding a bit through the stiches. so we shall see. but....we still managed to get our numbers and improve in areas that we were lacking in (such a blessing from the lord!) but it can be rough sometimes. it is amazing at how much we need our companions!!! that i have realized.

but i have learned a lot this week. patience and dedication to the work. patience in the fact that during the mornings i was stuck in the house with the comp and friday i couldnt find anyone to come with me...and it really makes me feel bad when i dont serve the lord. espeically when i am perfectly capaable of doing so. can be frustrating but i have had and have been praying for more opportunities to serve my companion and it has really built my love and respect for him and the wrork. always serve. we must alwasys do that to find pure joy. and feel the love of christ. and dedication. many missionaries would give the excuse to not work in the area because their comp is mal and not doing so well. but dedicaiton to always try and work for the lord. that kind of mentality will bring forth the blessings of heaven as we saw this last week.


BECAUSE EDWIN WAS BAPTIZED!!! Edwin was struggling there for a bit but entered into the waters last saturday! it was a beautiful baptismal service. he born powerful but simple testimony. he kept hugging me and telling me how grateful he was for me and my patience with him and always trying to help him. that just puts the warmest feelings inside of you. i love that kid. he will be a powerful example to the younger jovenes in the ward and will be a great leader someday. he was even asking me about how to serve a misison the other day. :)

but....that is the life. we are working hard and will continue to do so. may we all give all that we have and serve the lord. do the basics...always. go to the temple and escape the evils of the world. we all need that. go as often as you can. i cant wait till arequipa has her temple!!!! it will be an amazing time for the wonderful people of this city.

know that i love you all very much. words really cant even begin to describe how much i love you all. thank you for your support. i can feel it and it is a blessing to me in my life. i wouldnt trade you all for anything in the world. and i am so grateful that we can live in the prescence of our heavenly father for the eternities if we so choose to do has he commands us.

strenghten your testimonies. love more. serve more. give of your time. and find those precious spirits who are not apart of the church...not becuase they rejected before....but becuase they know not where to look for their salvation.

have a wonderful, safe week.

till we talk again next week.



Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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