Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21, 2014

To All:

Well....that was fast...seems like yesterday i just wrote you guys. It has been a busy week but it has been a great week.
Lets see...where to start. We had a lot of meetings actually this last week, with the zone and with the district and with president and with interviews and my comp and i were running down to the hospital almost everyday. The problem was is that he was supposed to have his operation last monday, but the insurance in lima had a bunch of problems so they said tuesday evening. so we went down tuesday....but the papers still hadnt come through....so wednesday, but the lady recieved the papers, but because she was working that day couldnt process them to have the operation done. soo....we had to wait. but here in peru they have semana santa (holy week) in memory of christ and easter and nobody works thursday through sunday....so his appointment got moved to wednesday of this week but with some luck we had it moved to today at 6:30 and yes all the papers are in and insurance is good with everything so bueno. we actually just returned from there, and got some last mintue things done and confirmations done for the appointment. ugh....what a mess! but my comp is happy to be getting some relief. he has been hurting. he cant really walk all that well so this last week i was doing splits with the priests in the ward a bunch and will be doing that all this week as well. it was a great experience and will continue to be great for them and for me. i really enjoy working with them and helping them prepare for their missions. our ward here is full of missionaries!!! we should have 12 by the end of this year...i think 9 are out right now and we just sent another one today. he is going to brazil.
but...life is good. i have been pretty tired this last week but the work rolls forward and i have found in almost every circumstance to share the gospel. on buses, in taxis, in the streets...its been great. i really brings me so much joy and i just dont want to do anything else.
i have had some great spiritual experiences with the investigators as well. All are doing great and are progressing just fine. we had 7 of them in the sacrament meeting yesterday and 2 of my converts recieved the aaronic priesthood. there is nothing more greater than watching that. :) we should be having a baptism this saturday. his name is edwin....this last week we had a hard time finding him. he was busy with schooling and work. but on saturday we finally got a meeting with him and his girlfriend who is in the ward. i was with a priest and we got to talking about if he had recieved his answer that all this was true. he told me no....at first my mind was kinda blank but it really opened up and the spirit took over the lesson. it is incredible to watch the scriptures being fulfilled through you as they say....open your mouth and it will be filled. edwin, who is a shyer kind of guy was hugging me afterwards and didnt let go. he told me he had recieved his answer listenig to me. he told me how excited he was to be baptized this saturday and asked if i would baptize him. he gave one of the most powerful prayers i have heard and his doing great! love the guy and am so excited for him.
we have also been working with other couples....trying to get them married so they can be baptized! seems like that is the problem in all circumstances here. but each one lacks the funds to get married so this saturday we will be doing an activity for them with the ward to help raise the proper funds for them to get married. they are excited and should be baptized within the next 3 weeks.
and the others....doing great. no complaints with them :)
I am in good health, i am happy, and i just want to keep working. I love my savior and his work that we are all involved in. more than anything else in the world.
i hope you all have a wonderful, safe week....that you can all get what you need to done. remember the lord in all things, put him first and he will bless you always. for we are his.

i love you so much. thank you for being who you are.

con mucho amor,


Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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