Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

My Dearest Family and Friends:

I just cant get this smile off my face....not like im trying to either :) But i am so happy. This last week has been one of the most spiritual that i have ever had here in the mission. we had a bunch of meetings and trainings with the zone leaders and other planning meetings as usual. Things got a little shaky down here with all the earthquakes in chile and peru. but we are all safe and sound. no worries there. it is amazing how i was never ever worried about the wheather in arizona...cause we dont have anything that happens there...just the heat. but its crazy when the ground just starts to shake and you hear that deep earth moan (thats the best i can describe it to you) i said...all is well and the lord is protecting us. just pray for those who have been hurt or have had there houses destroyed from the quakes. thanks. and we had conference. THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK!!!! no joke...i was anxious and a little gitty all week in watiting to hear the prophets voice. words can not describe well enough the feelings that i have for the apostles and prophets. i love them so much. i sustain them in their callings and will hearken unto their voice and counsel...why? becuase it is directly from our father in heaven!!! he is literally guiding us with his hand. and i testify that he loves us. this past week i have been so spiritually feed in my studies, in the lessons and in the conferences. listening to the conference...i could feel of your love and support and it made me feel that much closer to home. it is an amazing feeling...what this gospel can bring to us. the joy, the happiness, the peace and the confidence to continue on with life and do those things which we must to obtain eternal salvation. i love my savior. i know he lives. if there is one thing that i have is that. that he lives. that he sits on the right hand of the father and leads and guides this church! i was deeply impressed by elder L. tom perrys talk about the spirtiual bridle that we have....not just because i am a cowboy at heart and love horses....but how simply he put that lesson and what a spirit i felt from it. let us all let the master guide us. let us be willing to sumbit to his will and have total confidence in him. for he will always direct us for our good...and that directly back into his loving arms. how blessed we truely are to have the gospel in our lives.
yesterday, as we all know was the 6th of april. the day our savior was born. and the day the church of jesus christ of latter day saints was restored. we here, honored it by watching conference....and by haveing the most spiritual baptismal service i have ever participated in. we got to baptize 3 kids whose testimonies just touched your hearts. 2 kids...there parents who arent members...yet....were crying and hugging and the peace that we all felt and the joy that we all recieved...was indescribable. i love the misison. i love how we have the chance to change lives and bring such gald tidings into the lives of our heavenly fathers children.
like i said...i just cant stop smiliing.
And as a request from mom....let me tell you about my day to day life. :)
really it is a normal routine. we get out to get huge....yes the toro shorts are worn with great pride here.....( i think that is my only pride issue here :) ) we have study session in the morning. one hour personal (wish it were more), an hour for comp study...and an hour for language study. we then go and work for the morning and come in about 1ish to eat lunch and then go back to work till about 9 when we come in to plan and eat dinner. its a pretty simple schedule but with lots and lots of appointments.
as for me and the comp....yesterday was changes...and he nor i are going! my companion, elder loor is from ecuador (from quito actually david...) and we get along so great. he as a great personality and he works hard. we are always trying to improve and we work really well together. gosh having a great comp makes all the difference!! he has been here in the area for his whole mission!!! he will complete 8 months this next change!! he might as well look for a house, a wife, and a calling in this ward!! haha but we love it.
we love are pentionista who cooks for us and is mama jenny. if you want mom i can get her to send you a message on facebook and you two can talk all the time if you want...through google translater of course....but she is amazing....she cooks great but i am getting so sick of rice, chicken, and potates every meal for lunch and dinner. it is so annoying sometimes....but dont worry....i am cooking tacos and making hamburgers to help me and the comp out. :) we love staying with them and the family. mama jenny cooks and washes our laundry for us which is great...but hey that is the system here in peru! que bendicion!
our area is safe and we do find drunks on about every they just drink all the time...doesnt matter what time of day. we find them drinking at 6-7 in the morning when we run in the mornings!!!! and they are always passed out in the streets! but we havent had any problems with them.
As for the actually rained this past week and snow was covering the 3 volcanos that surround us here in arequipa. so beautiful!!!! loved it. as you probably know....we have been felling the earthquakes and stuff but thats not a big problem...but the volcano right behind the 3 here in arequipa is almost full with lava...and they say it is going to blow soon....but we dont know. for a couple of days though...we thought it was the end of the world. cause chile kept getting hammered, all of the coast here is preparing for tsunamis and the volcanos are getting prepared to blow.......but we are in the last days! just follow the words that we have heard this last weekend! and we will be fine....
well i hope i have given you some more insight on the mish. the investigators are doing great. need to find some pray for us on that. but we are planning for 2 baptisms this saturday! hope all goes well. continue to pray for me and the work. i thank you for all your love and support. i am so blessed.

Till next week from peru,

Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission


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