Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

Mis Queridos,

Not much to say different about this week actually...
The comp still has foot problems, they havent taken out his stiches yet because of an infection he it was the area to me again. Not going to getting tired of it. i have realized how important a companion is in an area. you cant run one of these things solo thats for sure. I was busy all week planning for the appointments, going to meetings, running to the hospital, trying to schedule everything and find people to come with me everyday. can be a pain.
I have really been praying for help and patience and the lord has answer my prayers and given me the proper trials to conquer so that i can learn and grow. i have been blessed with more chances to serve the people and the companion and though it can be tough at times...all worked out well.
I found a great family this last week of 4 and the kids should be getting baptized here in the next few weeks. the mom is a little bit more tough in the heart about accepting things but...she will come around. We are working with some others. if you could...please pray for margery. she is a great girl that is accepting everything pretty well...she has all the attendance in the church but lacks the pray that she will feel of the spirit and come unto christ through baptism!
we have been working for a long time with a couple who wants to be baptized but they lack marriage and there are a bunch of problems...before it was aobut money but now we have the money they just need to do their part and get married!!! then we can baptize them. so keep them (wilson and milagros) in your prayers as well.
there is so much work to do here...but we just dont have any time. sometimes it can be really frustrating trying to visit everyone when you dont have time and you know that they need your help. but our heavenly father will help us as he always does.
We did however, have a wonderful baptism this last saturday as well. his name is christian. he is a great kid. i love him so much. he progressed so fast with learning and was so willing to be baptized. his testimony was so sincere and so awesome! he was confirmed yesterday and it was a special experience.
there really isnt anything that describes the happiness one recieves from watching your investigators progress in the everlasting gospel. yesterday i got up to bear my testimony and as i look out....i saw all the converts that we have had here and all the less actives that are now actives....and i could help but feel JOY! oh how i love them. but more importantly...oh how our father in heaven loves them! that is one thing i have learned about throughout this whole mission and especially this last week. I got to watch a mormon message video about a man who was in prison for drugs and alcohol for about 7 years...he was then releazed and started to use the drugs again and get into trouble again. as before, he ended up in prision again for 4-5 years. during his duration there he said that he felt the need to get on his knees and pray. he asked god for help and once he began to receive his help he asked god...why? why do you wnat to help me? i am a bad person with all these problems...why would you even help me?....he said that he recieved an answer....becasue i love you. this man was later released and had a great life...until he fell back into temptaion once more. he began to rob and steal. after one robbery as the police were looking for him and has he hid in the bushes....his mind reflected on the acts that he had just done. he said to could i have done this when god specifically was helping me? how could i have thrown his help and those feelings away? my life is ruined.....he said at that moment, a familiar voice came into his head and said....Im still here.
my dear family and friends, i tesitfy that god loves us! he lives! he knows us perfectly and wants to help each and every one of us. this last week i recieved many promptings to go and visit people to come to find out that they were praying that the elders would come or that help would arrive. it has happened more times that i can tell you....IT IS NOT COINCIDENCE. it is our loving heavnely father, guiding us to his precious children who are begging and are in need of help. he is ever mindful of us. and we must never forget that.
my testimony yesterday was about that. and about recieving inspiration and personal revelation. i plead with you all. please, if you do not have a testimony of this divine work of the lord or are not sure of certain things....get on your knees and ask god the eternal father in the name of christ. please. please do it. you will recieve the answers you are looking for. you will feel of his love and guidance for you. the farthest distance we are from god, is only from our knees to the floor. its not far. he is ever watchful and he desires to bless his children. please do it. you will recieve strength and protection, a divine witness of who you really are and you will recieve a testimony of this gospel.
i love you all. and i wish nothing but the best for you. we can only recieve the best through this gospel which is life eternal. i testify that chirst the savior lives. he came to this earth and taught us and lived perfect and died for us. may we always remeber our baptismal covenants and be faithful to the end. and alwasy remember him and be examples of him in all things, in all places and in all times.
of this is my humble prayer.

may god bless you.
i love you.


Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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