Thursday, March 12, 2015

Well Hello,

We have arrived yet again for changes. these last 6 weeks have flown by! This last week things have been crazy, and it wont stop being crazy until the middle of April. We were busy with getting the old missionaries all set to go home and we had their farwell meeting and shipped them out thursday and friday. We have been busy planning with President Zobrist all the changes taking place tomorrow and have been running around visiting zones and making sure everything is going smoothly here in the grand mission of Peru Arequipa! :) 

But we get hecktic again in the schedule with trainings all this next week. Monday and Tuesday we get the newbies and their new trainers and train them both up. Wednesday and Thursday all the zone leaders and hermanas leaders are coming in to arequipa for leadership council. And then we have a baptism on Saturday! 

Even though it has been busy, we have seen many miracles and have seen the lords hands in changing peoples hearts and helping us find some new ones to listen to us. 

One such miracle has been with a sister named Luz. We have been working with her for a while. She is not a member, but her 2 kids are baptized. She wanted to when her kids got baptized but had some problems with living with this guy and couldnt do it then...but had the desires to listen to us again after a year since the elders had returned to her house. She has come to church a bunch and knows it true but has been struggling to commit to baptism. So we had a great little lesson with her about having faith in the lord and about repentance and that hte spirit will guide her afterwards and to not fear, but be prepared. So we ended the lesson by saying, but your fears on the table and just ask the lord what he wants and when he wants you to be baptized. She came to our stake conference that we had sunday and then our next lesson with her  was awesome. I dont know how the subject came up, but she asked us when we were ending our missions, and since my companion and i are in the same group we said, "in july," and she gets this sad expression and says, "i dont want you guys to go, but i guess i better get baptized before july comes no?" so we laughing said, hermana, in talking about baptism, have you recieved an answer yet? she explained that she hadnt recieved a specific answer but that she was super excited to do it. So we started talking about a baptism goal for her...and we said, " hermana, we personally would love for it to be this next saturday, the 14th, but if you feel that you need more time, we can do it on the 21st. which one do you think is better?" and right away says, no i think the 14th we can do it! 

She is ready, and she is excited to do it. We have been going back a bunch visting her and helping her out more. but we love her and are excited for her to get baptized this next saturday. 

Fabricio our other guy, has disappeared. i have no idea where he has gone to. but our search for him has not ended :) haha we will be trying to communicate with him and try to invited him to the baptismal service this next saturday. hopefully that will excited him even more. :) 

but good things happening here in arequipa. how is everything back home? getting ready for spring break?? what are your guys´ plans? 

i love you all a whole bunch. i pray for you all constantly. have a wonderful week. and i will talk to you guys next week! 

con mucho amor, 

Elder Weston 

 Elder Birtcher
 Misión Perú-Arequipa

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