Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trainings, Meetings, Traveling....that pretty much sums up the week. Alright, So we will see you guys next week! :)
Jk...Well, this week flew just like all the other ones. We were busy doing informes and other letters for the mission on monday and tuesday and visiting zones seeing how all them are doing. We are dedicating a lot of time now to visiting each zone and the leaders in that zone (ZL, DL, HL) and talking about each companionship and fixing problems and seeing how we can do things better. Then we would go out to lunch with them. We did 3 zones this last week on Wed, Thurs, and yesterday. The meetings have really turned out great and we are seeing how the leaders are doing with their zones and districts and the mission is improving. Thats always great to see. 

We traveled out of Arequipa on thursday to the city of Mollendo on the beach and had a good meeting with them. And on wed, and friday, we stayed here in arequipa to do some of the meetings. 

Other news thats happening around here is we are doing another recital muscial and have been preparing those songs with 2 zones here in arequipa. i have been asked to perform on the violin again...some of the old songs and some new ones too. i also have been asked to play in sacrament meeting with the relief society sisters next sunday and i have been teaching violin lessons to a family here in our ward for a couple of weeks now. And its been fun. So i am still using the violin...maybe even a little bit more than usual...but its a goal that i have. especially since i wont be getting to use it for a while as the weeks come up because we are going on a full traveling schedule of the whole mission once more this week and next and then president decided that we should do zone conferences one more time before i leave the office. 

As for a forecast of the schedule for this next week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are Training meetings with the District Leaders and then Sister Leaders. Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday will be traveling to Moquegua and Ilo for meetings and divisions with the leaderships in each zone. And friday we come back to teach violin lessons and really have a half day to visit all our investigators before its pday, then sunday and then we go traveling again on Monday. 

Regarding my spiritual experience of the week, i would definately have to say that in my studies and in preparation for the trainings that we are going to have i have certainly felt the spirit guiding my thoughts and helping me know what i need to say to the specific people that i will be meeting with or training. Our investigators are doing great. We were sure having a problem with one and couldnt find him for a while, but we were praying and praying that he would be home and we went and found him and had a great lesson with him. He was almost in tears and is excited once again to continue on listening to us and learning. We have found another guy and the lessons with him this last week have been great. so we expect him at church along with hna. joanna who is progressing very fast with all the lessons and reading. So we visit those who we can during the time slots available. 

love the work. always have. got to keep going strong and helping as many as i can. i love you all. grateful for you. proud of you. and i pray for you. always. 

have a wonderful week. be safe. 



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