Monday, February 23, 2015

Que tal?

I know you probably already know whats been going on around here lately...more interviews. We just have one more week of those and we are DONE!!!!!!!!!!! :D yay!!!

We stayed here in arequipa tuesday and wednesday to do the interviews for some of the zones here in arequipa and thursday we left with president and his wife to siguas (a place about 2 hours outside of arequipa) and then on friday we were in Camana (about 3 hours outside of arequipa on the beach). 

the interviews went well. We are having some lack of excitement issues in some of the areas out in the boonies, but we are trying to get them excited and get them focused on what they need to be doing for their branches out there. kinda of a different work on the outskirts of the mission limits. so it was good to get out there and visit them and help them out with what theey are struggling with. 

Returning back to Wednesday...President and i have been talking for a long time now about the famous bull fights that they do here in arequipa. They are special, and only happening during special times of the years and this last week they were having one. it was rare to be in the middle of the week because they are always usually on sundays but we found out about it and president was like "LETS GO!" So on Wednesday afternoon, after our interviews in the morning, president took us and the whole office to the Arequipa Bull Fights! And it was probably one of the coolest things that i have done here in Peru. To be honest. We all bought cowboy hats and had a great time there yelling and watching the Toros go at each other. They were massive and it was fun to watch. i will send pictures. president has all the good ones on his camera and he hasnt given them to me yet, so once i get those, i will be passing those along as well. but talk about fun!

Thursday and Friday were good. The hotel in Camana turned out to be really nice and the driving didnt kill me as much..... being tired that is. 

Bueno, like i said we are having our last week of interviews for this week and then we have to be sending the old elders and sisters home and then we get right off rolling with another change. gonna be a great week i hope and i am excited to get to working hard. 

Our baptism that was supposed to be for today fell through. Fabricio left unexpectatley to Tacna to help out his grandpa and his health situations and then we left and we couldnt have any lessons with him. so we will be trying for that this next saturday. pray for us to find some more people to teach and pray for the mission that we can improve our numbers and foucs on what needs to be done here in Arequipa. I love the mission and the missionaries i get to serve. and i especially love the peruvians. they are awesome. 

and of course i love you guys. more than you know. 

have a wonderful week. be safe. look for more missionary opportunities and look to bless the lives of all around you. look for spiritual experiences and be true to the faith.

love you all, 



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