Sunday, March 29, 2015

My dearest Family,

We started out the week fast with all the District Leaders in the mission coming here to Arequipa for our DLs Training Meeting that took place on Monday night and Tuesday till 1PM. Then we took a breather (like 4 hours) and got ready for our second Training Conference with the Sister Leaders that took place Tuesday night and Wednesday till 12PM. After we ate lunch with the sister leaders on wednesday we hopped in the car with President and Hna. Zobrist to head down to Moquegua for a meeting with the ZLs and the DLs and Sister Leaders of their zone and then have dinner with them. President and us divided up the zones to visit this week-we were in Moquegua and Ilo and he continued down to Tacna for the weekend.Wednesday night we spent the night there at the hotel Mirador which was great! In the morning (Thursday) we got up and visited the whole zone really quick before hopping in a tiny car to travel down to visit the zone in ilo. There we visited with the zone and then had a special meeting with just their ZLs and DLs before eating lunch with them. After our meeting with them, we got to go and do divisiones with some of the elders that were training new elders and the ZLs. And i really enjoyed it actually. It was great to be able to help them out a bit and show them some new techniques and ways to better teach and place a baptismal date on a lady who has been struggling for a very long time now. It will sure be great to get back into the field here in a couple of weeks because i miss that type of feeling....traveling and training all the time is fun, dont get me wrong, but its just not the same and i miss it. But i will serve faithful in this assignment till the end. 
Thursday after the day had ended, we CRASHED in the hotel ilo. We needed to get up and move fast friday morning to catch a mini-van heading back for Arequipa (4-5 hours away) because we had another meeting with a zone here in Arequipa at 1PM. The problem was that there is a new mine opening up here and the people HATE that (the farmers especially) and so they went on strike. When they usually do go on strike they block all the highways up and nobody can move that was our biggest worry....getting back to arequipa. Luckily we caught one of the buses that just made it past all the chaos and we were able to make it into arequipa about 15 mins before we started our meeting. haha so we being very tired, bought some M&Ms to get some sugar into us and then start ANOTHER meeting with the ZLs and DLs of that zone. Then we had some lessons in the nighttime  So the action, non stop week came to a close!!!!! 
Busy busy busy. And that is just the start....
We will be flying down to Tacna on Monday at about 1PM and will be there till Thursday and then fly back here to arequipa. We will be doing divisiones and meetings again and then once we are here in Arequipa again we continue with some of the zones here. Then ITS GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! For that i am very excited!! Cant wait for that. 
So there is your highlights from the week that we had down here in Arequipa. The training meetings last monday through wednesday went really great actually. We got to talk about their responsiblities a bunch and help all the new, young leaders out just a bit. The mission is very young now it seems like. So we got to be constantly helping and instructing and guiding. But they will do great and will learn very fast. 
So funny story: So tuesday evening for the Sister Leaders Conference, president decided to change up what we usually do for dinner. So president tells us that we will be doing a very FANCY dinner for the sisters that we were like "Great! we are going to eat super good!!! :)" haha and then he tells us that we (President, my comp and i) will be serving the Sisters their dinner and deserts. And it turned out to be really fun and the sisters loved it! We did eat really good steaks that president cooked up, followed along by salads and potatoes and carrots and the cake. Sister Zobrist really decorated up the table and the sisters were in shock. Yes, the 3 handsome servers (us) were in our black suits with the plaques and in Bowties! haha we looked great! :) it was a fun night and it followed the next day with a great training meeting. 
As for our pday today...we visited some other waterfalls as an office. and now we are tired.....:) 
I loved the pictures you guys sent. congrads on such a great job with the pageant...keep that up! I know the lord will bless you so much for giving up your time and talents to represent him in this time as we remember his resurrection. help others understand the importance of this marvelous event. Share it with as many as you can. I love you all a ton! but you already know that :)
pray for me. pray that we can alwyas do what the lord asks of us. Pray that we can help this mission improve always. He lives and he is watching over me. 
Till next week,

1-4-3 as always.

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