Monday, April 13, 2015

April 7, 2015

Hey guys!! 

Yep, your letter is late, we didnt have any internet service here in the office for over a week! horrible. I still have to send in reports of the mission to the area 70s and just got internet to do so....hopefully they arent mad!! :) And plus it was conference and we were focused on that and getting all ready and planned out for the leadership conference/training with the ZLs and HLs that happened yesterday and today. 

These non stop go go go weeks just dont quit do they? We last Monday flew down to Tacna and had some serious soccer action inbetween the 3 zones there :) and then we were busy that night till thursday with Meetings, divisions, more meetings, seeing old friends and making new ones. :) I did have a chance to get back to my old area for what i think will be the last time :( i got to see my pentionista and some of my favorite people there that i havent seen since i left over 18 months ago. One of them had had a baby and others, their families are growing so much! I did run into one of my converts (the one i was priveldged to baptize on Christmas Day! Remember my christmas miracle back in 2013?? ) I was super excited to see him and hear that he is still going to church and playing soccer with all the young men down there! the ward has sure done a great job with those who i was working with. 

So we were in Tacna Monday through Thursday (quite a trip no?) and then flew back into Arequipa to have more meetings with Zones that night and Friday afternoon as well. The missionaries in the mission are improving and we had 29 more baptisms in the month that we had last month!!!! :) Going in the right direction. 

Conference on Saturday and Sunday-SO GREAT NO? gotta love conference and all they teach us. dang opposers. But cant wait to see the next conference and BE THERE!!! thats my goal. to be there live. Anyone want to join me? :)

Other news: My former comp, Elder Priebe, (in Moquegua with him) is getting married in August. Going to propose to the girl this week! asked me to go and be a best man! :) haha we will see how that goes. i think he is getting married in Rexburg. 

Also some of the people that i was working with in 15 de Agosto, are going to be getting married and baptized!!! They have asked me to come! :) should be the 20th of April i think. Super happy for them. 

And my converts are going strong. They wrote me telling me how great conference was! #nogreaterfeelingintheheart! 

As for the rest of the week. So apparently president and us are flying down tomorrow to Tacna once again to have some meetings with leaders the missionaries. We have 2 big zone conferences on Thursday and Friday-one there in tacna and the other one here in Arequipa on Friday. So that should be interesting. We have to get prepared for that one tonight and tomorrow. 

As for me....i am happy to be able to get back into the real field here this next week. My change is not certain i wont say anything till it is official...but i am very excited about it. President is sure inspired on the changes and where he puts us. Our investigators have kinda fallen a little bit, due to lack of visits on our part....(i hate that about our traveling....cant be there with the investigators). We call them and check in...but its not the same. But we have had new people come to church and we have 2 young men who are ready to get baptized....Francisco and Leonardo....their parents are just very against them doing so. So we are praying for them and we certainly have the faith that their hearts (of the parents) can and will be changed. I have seen it before. I know the lord can do it. So we might have 2 baptisms before i leave the office! 

I am happy. Excited to work, and never been more ready to serve. Love the work. Love the conference talks about the atonement and the need to study it more in depth. 

Lets make that our goal!

love you all,



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