Monday, August 18, 2014

To My Family and Friends:
I am so happy right now! I just recieved letters from some of my converts in Arequipa and 3 of them went to the temple in Lima and participated in baptisms for the dead. They sent me a bunch of pictures as well and i cant even describe to you the joy that i feel for them right now. That is the goal. not to just get them baptized, but to get them to the temple!!! and they did it!!! they all have written me and have told me that they had amazing experiences and absolutely loved being in the house of the lord and that they are doing wonderful in attending church and preparing for missions.
It just made my day :)
As for me....i guess i am finally breathing okay now. this last week has been a hecktic one again as they always are. the zone got changed up a little bit with some of the elders finishing up and new ones coming in. but it is a great bunch here in the grand city of moquegua and we are excited to get to working really hard here this next change. we were able to go and attend one companionships baptism this last week and their baptism asked that i confirm her so that was really a neat opportunity to do that. 
One of our investigators named doris just accepted to be baptized this 30 of agosto so we are preparing for that and we are trying to help out another one of our investigators named diego get int eh water as well. just need to get permission from the padres. so pray for us!!! we need that help! 
Elder Chipman and i are doing great though. he was one of my good buddys  before so it is great serving with him. the great times continue. as well as megan and gart have been inducted into the pinchy winchy game....elder chipman has been inducted into the weekly fire tradicion. he loves it!! haha we are having a great time here. our goals are to start getting to know the members a lot more and we have been looking for service project to do all this last week. it is amazing what service can do. we got to just find random service oportunidades this last week and we found 4 new great investigators that are going to progress really really well. the blessings through serivce!!! so i encourage you all to look for some great oportuindades to do so!! change the lives of everyone around you. :)
we did also have some training meetings in ilo with presidente this last weekend and so we were busy traveling and helping out the zone on a bunch of things. 
but great stuff. i am happy. :) i really am. i love getting to study the scriputres and getting to preach teh gospel each and everyday. there is no greater work. 
 i love everyone 

back home as well. 
till next week....

      Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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