Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello Family!!!


this week has been a roller coaster seriously. We have been trying to visit a ton of menos activos and try to find new investigators but really no luck. the ward is literally falling asleep on us and are not helping us at all. its been rough.

but we have had some very spiritual experiences. 

the one of which i will tell you takes place yesterday (by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG CHIEF AND DANILYNN!!!! - love you guys both a ton!!)

so we went to church and had no investigators again. our baptism from saturday didnt show up for her confirmation and we were both just bummed. we didnt get any references (not that we do anyways...havent gotten one in about a month) and we went home and just got on the knees and prayed. our fast yesterday was dedicated to the area and to help us find new people. we sat there and discussed where we should go and what to do. and we really didnt feel anything or recieve any crazy reveleations but we went out with faith that the lord would help us. and we knock a ton of doors with no luck. after a couple hours we did find some old investigators but nothing great. and then we decide to knock this last door before quiting and trying something else. and this girl answers the door. she is talking on her cell phone and we were expecting her to busy come we always get but she lets us in. and we got to teach her about the restoration...she was glued the whole time listening to us. asked for the book of mormon so that she could read it and just was amazing in her questions and everyting! we even asked her if teh missionaries had already taught her and she said no. but her last question to us after the lesson it bad if i switch religions?? the lord answered our prayers. he is so aware of our circumstances and knows who is ready and who isnt for his gospel. but what a testimony builder of ether 12:6. we do not recieve any testimony until after we have the trial of our faith. that is when we prove to god that we are serious about helping his kids that we love him enough to forget ourselves and go to work for others. 

i loved it and it gave us such a huge boost to go work like crazy this week. 

this last we for the year mark we had a fire of course :) and we have 2 elders finishing up their missions here so we had the whole zone over for a farewell party. turned out really great and we are going to be sad when there are changes in the zone. 

but thats all i have time for. i love you all so much



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