Monday, August 11, 2014

Hey Guys!
So school started up did it? Excited or not? haha.

A lot has been happening over here this last past week. We did recieve changes and my comp elder priebe left. he is now the new asistent of the mission!!! and my comp is now the former asistent. his name is elder Chipman. and he is great. he is from california from a family of 4. the only guy amongst the bunch!! but he is a great guy. we got ot know each other at many leadership conferences beforehand so we are already best buds. and we are excited to get to work together. it was sure sad to see elder priebe go. he was one of my best friends and one of my favorite companions. the lord sure knew that i needed elder priebe to be my companion to boost me and to get me jsut fired up for the work. 

i am happy right now. the zone did get changed up a bunch and of the ward that i was in (consisting of 4 elders)...3 of them got changed. i am the only one to stay from the group but it is all good. i have just a fire to go a teach and to preach and to find those who dont ahve the gospel or who ahve fallen away from it. i love this work.

this next 6 weeks we have planned a bunch of things. we have talked with the local leadership counsels of the city and have planned to do service projects with the helping hands yellow shirts on. and the leaders of the city took us around to local sites to see what we want to do. so we are going to be focusing on a bunch of service projects to help the work of the lord. 

we have talked to the stake presdient as well to plan many stake activities and we are all just ready to go down here in moquegua. 

i love you all so much and will talk to you all really soon.

con mucho amor,



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