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A Happy 28th of July to everyone!! Today is Peru´s Independence Day!!!!
How is everyone doing? I sure hope everyone is well in health and that everything is going great!
It was an interesting week. It was a week full of stress and fun in some parts. But let me try and get you will all the details that i can.
So last monday we got permission to go to ilo, its another part of the mission to have a combined zone activity with the missionaries there. and it turned out to be really fun and we played a huge game of soccer that was way fun! soccer is so awesome now. i have a huge goal to get good at soccer now. its way fun.
we were full of meetings as well and president came into town to have interviews with the zone and to have some meetings with us and the stake president. he took us out to eat with the asistents afterwards to a pizza palor here (like the only one in moquegua). it was soooooooooooooooooo good. i love pizza. dont get to eat enough of it. :) Last thursday was also pioneer day, so the hermanas here from utah obviously wanted to celebrate it so we got permission to watch 17 miracles and make pancakes for the whole zone and then got to talk about the pioneers and the sacrifices that they made and how we can learn from them and strengthen our testimonies from their stories. I must say i have never felt such a strong spirit. it was so powerful and so real. i am so grateful for such a heritage for the faith that they had to cross those plains and to put their trust in the lord in everything that they did. as gordon b. hinckly stated. we must read and reread their stoires that we may be edified and strengthened in our own times of need and when we have dificulties. it really brought back a lot of memories of the trek to me and i can testify as well that angeles did help us, that we all came closer to knowing the lord more and we all had spiritual experiences. i love the trek, i wish i could go and do it again.
This last friday we had 2 wonderful baptisms. where? IN THE RIVER :) her name is agripina and her son jorge. they were references from a lady in the ward and when we first got to teaching them about the restoration, we didnt challenge her to baptism. we just asked her...hermana if these things are true, what do you need to do?....and she responded...IM GOING TO PREACH IT TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!!....haha we laughed for a sec...and then she added...Then im going to get we began to explain the importance of baptism and she was totally up for it. BUT...the way christ did it. we explain that we baptized in the font in the church but she said that she wouldnt be baptized in any font or pool but in a river as christ did. so elder priebe and i went look for a river and we found just the spot! we had to go there a couple of times this last week to cut and clean the brush and make pathways and such and then the water wasnt too we had to get in and make a dam which turned out PERFECT!! and it raised that water level from my knees to over my waist. it was a beautful service as well. perfect weather. i was sure praying that the sun wasnt going to scorch us as it usually does here in moquegua. and the lord blessed us. a wonderful breezy day with cloud cover. we had 2 special musical numbers from the help of our zone and i got to play the violin along iwht another sister here in the zone who also plays!!! turned out really great! and i sure felt the spirit. one of the most special baptisms that ive gotten to participate in. :) we then got to confirm them members of the church yesterday in our sacrament meeting. 
those were really the highlights. other than that, it was kinda a rough week. basically ALL (and im not exagerating) our lesson fell through and in trying to find new people....nada! we were pretty frustrated. and then we had one of the worst turn outs in sacrament meeting as a whole and had ninguna investigator there with us and then one of our most awesome investigators left hte area because her husband is on drugs and there were a ton of problems and then we find these wonderful references but they all live outside the area. and then get to teach this WONDERFUL, i mean AMAZING investigator who is so sincere and ready to here us and to come to church....well she goes back to arequipa tomorrow for studies. elder priebe and i are kinda bummed at that. one cause we want to work, we want to help and serve but nobody wants to listen. the teaching pool gets smaller and smaller and we just cant find anyone new. and if we do...we have to pass them along to other missionaries. i wonder if the lord is trying to teach us something. no se. but the lord is with us. he will bless us with those children who are ready and willing to listen. we just have to be patient and work even harder this week. 
this next monday we will be heading back to arequipa for leadership counsel with president so we will be busy doing informes and papers and just getting ready for that. its sure a busy time. so much to do. but i am happy and ready to give the lord more of me and serve mas. i love him. i truely do. Brents question of are you truley converted? aply it to your life. if there are things we need to correct. get on it. we dont have any time to waste in preparing ourselves for the second coming. 

oh and one more announcement. so i think i told you that Elder Anderson of the 12 is coming here to the mission at the end of august along with bishop davis of the bishopric of the church and elder grow of the 70 and other leaders of the church....and president has asked me to get prepared to go and play the violin again for them. i am excited and nervous.... :) 
and that sums up the week i guess.
i love you all so much. 
see you all in a year! :)

con mucho amor,

      Elder Birtcher
Perú - Arequipa Mission

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