Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I really dont even know where to begin this letter. so much has happened this last week. i honestly tried slowing things down but time just kept going and we were just running trying to keep up with everything. i guess now i can actually breath for a second as i am now waiting for my new companion to arrive from tacna. yep, elder loor got his change to tacna. not the same area i was in but not that far either. I am sure going to miss him. We sure had a great time together serving the lord. those 2 changes went by sooooooooooooo fast. i cant even believe it. haha i am pretty bummed right now actually. it was tough to see him go. one of the best companions you could ever ask for. And not only him....other missionaries from the zone are leaving which hurts and one of my very best friends in the mission just left for his house. he finished his mission. change is hard. i know its necessary, but it sure doesnt make things easier.
so i guess next week you will be finding out who is my companion and everything like that. i sure hope he is a hard worker and is a fun guy. but....i have learned that you are not to expect or hope for a good companion to come to you, you need to be the good companion for him. with that kind of attitude and humility any companionship can work.
But has for some highlights for this last week:
we were sure busy with lessons and visiting everyone and doing divisions with other areas in the district for interviews and everything....but we did have a baptism last saturday. her name is margery and she is awesome. we found her a couple of weeks ago from a reference from a member. we were looking for her cousin (who we still havent found yet) but we found her in the process. so all worked out well. :)
We had a suprise little goodbye party for elder henrickson as well. haha i was the distraction for over an hour....haha that was tough but it all went smooth and he was suprised! on sunday i was the distraction for my comp as well as we had a suprise farewell party for him leaving the area and for his birthday yesterday. a lot of people from the ward came and it was sad but way cool at the same time.
yesterday night we had a musical program set up by the missionaries (us :) ) it was a great program in which we sang hymns and had converts talk, members, and the stake presidency speak as well. i got to accompany the choir on the violin and also did a solo piece (savior redeemer of my soul) in front of the 2 stakes that came. turn out really nice, the spirit was felt, and we were all edified. i hope many references will start popping up here in the next few weeks.
we also gave talks in church and did special muscial numbers there with loor singing and me playing. everyone enjoyed it and we got many compliements on it.
but..........all is well, really. just so tired. my comp and i havent really been able to sleep these last few nights with him getting ready to go, doing numbers, changes and everything. so maybe i will just sleep this pday. :)
well, i love you all. thank you for all that you do for me. this gospel is true. i know it.

Elder Birtcher

Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission



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