Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey family and friends 2-3-2014

Hey family and friends!

How is everyone doing this fine day? From the letters....the missionaries are continuing to kick satans butt, more people are getting married, more missoinaries everyday, its cold up there, and you all are very busy :) sounds great. So great to hear from you all and to know that i have such wonderful people in my life.
And now for the week....
It Wass a busy one let me tell you. I dont have crazy miracle stories this week but thats alright, we dont need grand miracles to know that this is the lords church on the earth and that he lives. He works in simplicity, in ways very simple so that we can understand (each person in their own way). there are many scriptures that state...and i did delight in the clarity....or.....i tell you these things in clarity that ye cannot err. or by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. this is a great lesson that we need to learn and apply in our lives. One that i have been taught all my life, but i guess i never realized it until now. In football, we are taught the basics. we do foot drills, condiitoning, lifiting light then heavy, we study the basics and we execute the basics out. Why? Because from the small things come the big things. or as coach used to say. big plays dont happen if we dont do the small things. so it is in the gospel. we read the scriptures, we say our prayers, we need to go to the temple, we need to have family home evening (yes all the primary answers). but why? one, to be truely converted. to gain a testimony for ourselves that this is the true church here upon the earth, that jesus the christ lives and died for us to allow all men to return and repent. We do the small things first so that the lord can work miracles through us later. I dont think peter could have walked on the water, or healed the sick or have been the man that when he walked into the street, people would lay their sick and afflicted just so the shadow of peter would pass over them....if he wasnt reading his scriptures or saying his prayers. We cannot be instruments in thte hands of the lord if we are not doing the small things daily in our lives. The lord needs everyone, missonary and member to put his shoulder to the wheel and push along. he needs us to gain our testimonies, to be converted first through prayers, fasting, diligent scripture study, attending church, the santa that one day we can bring others unto christ. My responsiblity is to bring everyone unto christ through repentance and baptism. that is your responsiblity too. As jeffery r. holland stated. we must sanctify ourselves so that one day the lord can work miracles through us. Please, i plead with you, to do the basics, do the small and simple things. they may seem dumb sometimes, i get that. i was there at one point. but it is necessary and it is what the lord wants of us. We must act now, we must observe to do it now. just as we cant change the standards of the lord or the ways of the lord, we cant wait to accomplish or do the things which he as commanded us. do it. and you will see the blessings come rolling into your life. you will see miracles. you will experience a joy that you have never felt before in your life. you will feel of your heavenly fathers love for you and you will desire to do all that you can for the lord. I know that god loves each and every one of us. all he wants is for us to return. that is it! there is nothing more to it! and how do we go home? by doing the basics. follow and study the words fo the prophets. be a missoinary. before the mission, i wasnt a missionary, i will admitt that. i should have done more. but we cant let one soul slip past us. we cant lose one soul of our heavenly fathers children, our brothers and our sisters. literally. This is my thought for you all to think about and apply. to be the sons and daughters that god wants you to be. he wants you to be the best you can so that you can bless others. I know that if you try to do the small things, you will see the big things.
I love you all. I cant bear the thought of loosing one of you and not living with you in heaven for the eternities. You are all amazing examples in my life. i thank you for your love, your support, your advice. i am who i am thanks to you all. have a wonderful week this week. remember, life may be busy and you may have no time whatsoever. but if we but god first, and do the fundamentals, he will give us the time that we need for all the other things in life.
Know that you all are sons and daughters of the most high god who loves you more than we can even comprhend. let us sanctify ourselves so that we can return one day to his presence with all our brothers and sisters.

en el nombre de jesucristo amen.


Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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