Friday, February 28, 2014

February 27, 2014 Transfers!

Family and Friends,

Wow what a crazy week you all had. More mission calls, more crazy stories, great hunt for you guys. congrats dad and jacob! nate sorry big man...the streak has ended. (haha sorry man i couldnt talk smack with you this year!)...but yeah dont worry aobut had a girl with you man. :) but sounds like you all had a great time and it sure brought back the memories of the great hunts. send some pics though, id love to see all those cool stuff.

Well, im sorry this letter is getting to you late. This week has been a crazy one so let me give you the details and the updates.
Well, we did have a transfer. I got moved from tacna to arequipa. and to be honest, that was one of the hardest things that i have ever had to do. I dont think i have ever cried so much in all my life. Those people are so special to me. my family and my best friends and it was so dificult to say goodbye. Yeah on saturday night i got the call that i was going to be changed and on sunday just a couple people knew that i was going. but bishop at the end of the meeting gets up right before the closing prayer and states....hey i forgot but elder birtcher has a change to arequipa and i invited him to come up and bear his testimony for us.... holy hard. i told them how grateful i was for all of them. how speical they all are to me and i couldnt even like talk because i was all choked up. the members were all crying and told me to come to their houses that day. well not only are changes hard emotionally...its hard on the stomach. because we ate at EVERY single house we went to. we first ate lunch at our pensions which was so filling and then these members invited us to come over for a little treat is what they said. liars...they took us to a restuarant and we had a full chicken breast with a mount of french fries and of course the inca kola soda that is so amazing! we were dying. so we go to say goodbye to one of the sweetest ladies here and like always she has something for us. litterally a half of a watermelon! ugh...sickening. once i finished she goes back into the kitchen and brings back more food. and that was just what happened in every house that we went to.
so hard to say goodbye to some of the converts and the wonderful families here. as i was packing up my things that night, 3 families came over to the house to say goodbye. and yeah....muy muy dificil. but saying goodbye to my pension and my family that i have lived with for 6 months was teh worst.
i got on a bus with a bunch of other missionaries all bound for arequipa and i was met at the bus station by my new companion elder loor, from ecuador. haha my second ecuadoriano. and things are going great here so far. we are getting along just great. already cracking the jokes and our pension is really great! the members as well. has hard as it has been for me....the lord has really helped me. i feel excitd to work in this area. and i just am so stoked to get up and work! it is the weirdest feeling but i love it. the ward here is way strong and the new zone is full of great missionaries. actually got to work with 3 of them in tacna before they it was a great reunion. but i know and the lord has helped me realize that tacna was where i was supposed to be. i was supposed to be there for the members and they for me and for the investigators....but there are others here that need me. but more importantly the lord needs me here right now. i am looking forward to the wonderful times that we will have here. i had great times in tacna, and will have even better ones here. i feel such a strong love for these people already and i just know that we wiill be blessed.
it is a little interesting....arequipa is so much different than tacna. its green and we are surrounded by 3 volcanos that are really pretty. i am cold here. maybe thats just because i got accustomed to the blazing desert of tacna but i am okay. we are happy and in good spirits.

and that was the week.... i love this mission. it is the best time of my life. i love and miss you all and pray for you all daily. have a wonderful week and be safe. dios les bendiga siempre.


Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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