Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014


Well what can i tell you about this week. It was busy. Very busy. Everyday was a battle trying to fit in all appointments and trying to work everything out and we were going up and down the whole area everyday. In pocos palabras....very eventful week, lesson wise. But it is still a little slow with the investigators progressing. The problem is...is that we have so many wonderful people who recieve the lessons, accept baptism and do great....but dont come to church, so we have to keep pushing their dates for baptism back. Everyone seems to keep going to the beach. I HATE THE BEACH. it is the devils work! :) haha. so glad we dont have that excuse in arizona. But i ask for your prayers on behalf of our investigators se llaman Sandra, Gloria, Gabriela, Maciel, and Joel. They all can be baptized if they just tell us!!! they have a couple of doubts and fears and we have been praying and praying to know how to help them and we do...they just need to take the initative and enter the waters of baptism. I know the lord will help us as he always does. I am just trying to be patient and not get frustrated. Its a great test of faith. just need to go read ether 12 so more.
But we did have some success here as a zone. We had another noche blanca in which 6 people were baptized. I felt really bumbed that we didnt have one but all in the lords time. I did however get the chance to speak and afterwards play a special musical number with Hermana Skelton again. We are the duo for the rest of the mission :) But we played ¨Savior Redeemer of my Soul¨and the spirit was so strong. I wish i could have that type of spirit constantly in my life, every minute of every day. We finished playing and looked up to find tear stained faces of the congregation. What a powerful tool music is in bringing the spirit. You were right mom and dad. you were always right. and well to all those who have told me that throughout my life. I see now, i didnt before but i am glad i see now. but overall, what a great baptism service. the only problem was the ice cold water. haha they froze. but we had peanut butter cookies afterwards that the zone leaders made up.....and holy cow do i miss peanut butter. i just want a thick pb and j sandwich. oh the things we took for granted in football....eating 4 a day. :)
And really thats about it. Sorry for such a bland letter but it was just work, work, and more work kind of week. and those are always good. But apparently there is a big fuss about chile and peru going to war over possession of land or ocean or what not but yeah.....i doubt it. nothing to worry about. we have god, who else do we need.

but know that i love you all. i really do. you all mean the world to me and i thank you for your love and support. i love reading your letters and hearing all that is happening back there. the mission rocks man. I love it so much. couldnt imagine life without these wonderful saints and peruvians.

have a wonderful week everyone,


Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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