Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

My dear family and friends:

Dont have much time today. but let me shoot you the highlights of the week. its been a busy one with the investigators. we have been working with 2 tweleve year olds and they are ready for baptism but we need permission from their parents and they are being very stubborn and not wanting to budge. it can be so frustrating with those stinkin parents sometimes. but we are praying that the lord will soften their hearts and have their eyes opened to the truth. i know the lord can do it. remember my christmas miracle. I KNOW HE CAN DO IT! :) but just keep them in your prayers and thoughts. their names are josue and joel.
In speaking of my christmas miracle.....remember how i was able to bapitze bryan? well we have been working with his sister sandra for months now and it was evenutally time to say ¨hey you want to be baptized, yes or no?¨not in those exact words but similar :) anyways the problem has been that she has doubts about the word of wisdom because she drinks coffee to help with her studies. we have been trying and trying to help her recognize things but no luck. and then....she just dropped off the face of the earth it seemed like. we couldnt find her for a month and half!!! but we had a meeting with her and it started out way rough. ¨no i dont want ot get baptized, i am catholic and thats the way i will be.¨ it was an interesting expericence for sure, trying to feel the spirit and know exactly what to say. my comp testified of things and she basically ignored him and then i took control of the situation. ¨¨hey look inot my eyes¨and i was able to talk with her and ask her questions and i felt the spirit like none other time before in my life. You could literally take a knife and cut through it. it was like heavy and overpowering. it was the neatest feeling i have ever had. i love when i begin to talk and then my mind is full of things to say and honestly i am just opening my mouth and the words that the lord wants her to hear are just coming out of my mouth. cant really describe it in any other way. After i spoke my comp took a turn and we were both crying. gosh it was so powerful. we should have a baptism this saturday. continue to pray for her and that the lord will continue to pour out his spirit upon her.

anyways with the others....its been rough....had to drop 3 more and maybe 3 more htis week. but this is the lords work, its his will, its his children and his glory. who am i to interfere with his will. so we will continue to do our part and teach and invite all to come unto christ. i love you all so much. i hope you all have a fantastic week and are being faithful in your callings and doing the basics that we all must do.

keep the faith, fight the good fight.

i love you all.


Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission


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