Monday, February 23, 2015

FEBRUARY 14, 2015
Happy Valentine´s day to you all!!! :)

I hope the weather has been great to you all over there because here, its been raining non stop all week long! i think yesterday we had one clear day but then today it came back to being all dark and heavy clouds. today we are going to the waterfalls outside of arequipa and i hope it doesnt do a down pour on us!! :) 

Anyways, we just got done with a baptism that some of the elders here in the office had this morning. It really made me excited because this next saturday we are going to have one too!! :) We have been teaching this young man named fabricio, his mom is a less active and him and his little brother arent baptized. so we have been working with the whole family to resuce the mom and to baptize the 2 along with the help of their active member grandpa from Tacna. in our lessons he has accepted everything, he has been reading and his mom has really opened up, something that she has never done with any of the elders. so we are excited. we are also teaching a lady named elena who we need to find and continue teaching! if we can just get her to understand the power of hte book of mormon, then we can continue on with her progress. i pray for her. keep her in your prayers as well. and then on monday we are contacting supposedly a golden family. so there is work to be done and im excited to get to do it. 

That the area report for you, as for the mission report. The mission is continuing to progress. The numbers are rising and we are still interviewing everyone. This last week we got to interveiw tuesday wednesday and friday here in arequipa in the office and thrusday we left to go to moquegua to interview there. The elders and hermanas are excited and improving everyday. little problems here and there but not much. On thursday night i got ot get out with one of my good buddies and do divisiones with him, Elder Wagner. Had a great talk with him and got to teach a couple of lessons that went really well. Stayed in the hotel that night in Moquegua and listened to the rain and the overflooding river down below. kinda crazy that all of southern peru really has gotten hit by a ton of rain...but its like arizona, we need it! :) 

more interviews coming up this week and like i said, hopefully a baptism to end the week off. we will be traveling outside of arequipa on thursday and friday and saturday i think, so more fun stories coming your way next week. 

well i got to get you guys a bunch. 

les amo bastante,

Elder Birtcher


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