Sunday, March 23, 2014

oops! here's March 10th letter a little late!

Family and Friends:

Just gonna say it. I HATE dogs. they are so dumb. they are always angry here and just want to kill you. but....we are fighting them off with the word of god (the book of mormons that we carry :) ) but all is well. we are getting better with them.

Well...the week.

It was a good one. We sure had some success in finding some new people and have such wonderful investigators that we are teaching. the lord is really preparing this people for his word and his message like the scriptures say. especially in preparation for the temple that is being built here in arequipa. i have truely learned of the importance of family history work and for the temple work. please do the work for the dead. they need those same ordinances that those here need. but it is up to us to do it. i can just imagine the joy of one of our antepasados in heaven as someone did the work for them. anyways...the work is rolling forward here in arequipa. we are working hard and we have seen the blessings of the lord here many a time.

but i just want to express my feelings about the mission. i love it. i love it so much. the scriputres are true. i testify that the book of mormon is the word of god and support the words of joesph smith as he stated that it is the most correct of any book on this earth. i have felt the spirit so strong as i read and continue to study its pages. please study and feast upon the words of christ for they will tell you all what you should do. the lord will guide us in our decisions and throughout our lives as we learn of him and go to him in sincere humble prayer. god lives. i know he does. i can feel of his love for me and for all his children and i know that he wants us to obey his word and come unto his outstretched arms which are always calling to us to come. we must develope the attributes of christ in our lives. like 3 nefi 27:27 states....we must become like unto christ. how do we do that. we must pray for patience, for love and charity, for humility, for the desires to be obedident. we must develope all the attritbutes that are found in mosiah 3:19. i testify that if we strive to apply these attributes into our lives the lord will give it unto us. he will help us. and we will have the image of christ in our counteneces as alma 5 tells us to have. this is the work of our savior and redeemer jesus the christ. he lives. he is my savior! I LOVE HIM!!!!!

I love you. i love you all. i love serving my fellow brothers and sisters here in arequipa. let us continue to strengthen our testimonies daily and have the image of christ in our counteneces. if there is one thing in my life that i have done is that of serving a mission for my lord and my god.

till next week...


as for other announcements....peru is happy and excited to welcome hermana marlee mason to serve here. happy birthdays this last week to kc and this week to nate. and happy anniversary to the best parents that i could have ever asked for.

Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission

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