Monday, March 17, 2014

Peru Weekly 3-17-2014

My dearest family and friends:

What a week! it was super busy with visits and lessons and we have never been so busy in our lives! there is so much here to do and so many people to visit and help progress and give service is so hard to try and fit everything in the schedule! i just keep praying the heavenly father gives us more time to get everything done!

Well let me tell you about the week.

We are working with some amazing investigators who have accepted to be baptized and really all of our investigators are wonderful. so prepared to hear the gospel and come unto christ and make the decisions they need to to recieve a remission of their sins. We did have a baptism this last week!! Yeah!! Her name is yandery and she has been struggling for a long time about entering into the wasters of baptism due to fear and a bunch of other stuff that satan was putting in her path. but she did it! she made the decision despite the resistance of her parents and family and took the step of faith and couldnt be more happy. it was truely a special baptism service. i got to play the violin really for the first time here in 15 de agosto and..........i think i will be playing everyday from now on. :) the members loved it and have been asking for me ot play at every moment. that and to teach them all how ot play football americano. i think it should be a great elderes quorum activity :) It was actually pretty funny because we had the baptism service where i played and the relief socitey was doing their annevesary party in the other room and afterwards asked if i could come into the activity and play while everyone was eating and chating.....haha so i did. turned out great but nobody ate or talked....they all just watched and videotaped. but if the lord made it possible for me to bring the violin on the mission, i will play for him and for others as often as i can.

As for other things....i have really noticed one thing these past couple of weeks. How important the family is. no im not crying for you guys....i mean the family in general. i have seen satan trying to destroy the family more than ever here. so many of the ward members are going through divorces or spouse problems and the kids are hurting more than ever and it just kills us. because we love them and seeing them in pain and suffering for the want of a father or a mother. I have come to realize that this is the battle we fight everyday. satan IS trying and doing all he can to destroy the most precious thing that we have. our families. because if he can succeed, and we dont have our families, we in turn really have nothing. We are here to learn and grow in this lifetime...and the only effective way is in a gospel centered home. centered in christ, for if we put chirst as our rock and our fundamento we cannot matter how hard satan will try to destroy us and all that we have dear to our hearts and minds. these are the last days. god is hastening his work to save the souls of men...becuase satan is trying more than ever in th ehistory o fthe world to stop the work and bring souls down to hell. it is no wonder why the prophet called for more missionaries. it is no wonder why we recieved the family: a proclomation to the world, years ago. it is no wonder the scriptures give us the details on our responsiblilties as fathers, mothers, children, to have a firm and close family! of all the things that i have seen and dealt with here in peru is that satan is constantly attacking the family. we need to be prepared. we must read the scriptures individually and together as a family. we must pray together and in secret as the scriptures say. we MUST HAVE FAMILY HOME EVENING! we may not see the attacks, we may not see the tactics that satan uses...but he cannot destroy us or our family unity if we are doing the things of the lord and if we are living the gospel of jesus christ. Daily.

To those who have families.....strength them. do all you can for them to protect them physically and spiritually. please, please, PLEASE, read the scriputres, feast upon the words of christ and they will tell you all that you need and must do to survive in this world. Please, please, PLEASE pray, go to church, share your testimony with others, serve faithfully in your callings, and give service!

To those who have been affected negatively by a spouse or who have gotten a divorce: remember that you are a child of the most high god, who loves you and will take care of you. you can find the peace that you need through the scirputures, througth prayers and through the atonement of jesus chirst. you can find the healing that you need and will be strengthened and given the means in which you can progress and perseverar to the end. trust in god. give him all your heart and soul and mind and he will protect you. be examples to your children. continue in the ways of the lord. just because you have had trials and tribulations this is no excuse to leave the standards that you once knew. it is no excuse to not keep the commandments or your covenants with god. it is no excuse to leave god and do your own thing. this is the time in which you must turn to the lord to help yourself and help the family that you have. try to make things right with your companion and forgive them.

To those who are having problems in the home and are fighting with your spouse: in order to have peace once must drop your pride! repent of your ways and forget yourself and your problems. turn to the lord for guidance and do all you can to make things right with your spouse. do not allow satan to win the battle. we must come together and be unified and have the united family that god wants us to have. again, forgive. god will give you the forgiveness that you will need to make things right again.

To my beloved family, i love you. i am so grateful for you and your example to me. we must continue in the ways of the lord so that satan can have no power over us. we do the basics and strengthen each other. and satan will never break us. we are an eternal family.

To all of you, i love you. thank you for your love and support. god loves us. he will strenghten you and your families if we but turn to him and do all that he asks of us. let us get rid of our pride, forgive and put christ as our rock and we will never fall.

i know these things to be true. i testify that god the father lives and his son jesus the christ. my savior and my redeemer. the great jehova. the first and the last. I testify that through him and only through him we can have our families together forever. I cannot imagine living in heaven without you Dad, Mom, Justin, Kacie, Nate, Faith, and Jacob, and to all my cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents.

I cannot express my love for you in words. you are always in my prayers and my heart for always and forever more.

Les Amo con todo mi corazon,


1-4-3 For Always and Forever


Elder Birtcher
PerĂº - Arequipa Mission 

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