Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Peru Weekly 1-6-2014

My Family and Friends:


Thank you for all the letters and support. Well i really dont have much time. Every last pday that the zone has in the change we do something crazy fun and today we are going up to tarata, about 2 hours away from tacna, and hiking to a bunch of waterfalls! we are stoked! i will hvae to send some pictures for sure.

Well for this last week...really not much to tell. New Years Eve was so fun! we got permission from president to have a missionary party in the church where we played a bunch of board games (risk and clue) till midnight and then got to view the fireworks! agian it is so insane at how many fireworks they shoot off here! i did make chocolate chip cookies for my family (the pention) and they loved them. first time trying chocolate chip cookies here in peru! turn out great! But this week has been pretty tough one. 1...because everyone was drunk. 2....there was no body in the streets and no one in there houses because everyone goes to the beach. so we basically just walked around trying to find people to teach. luckily we didnt find any of our investigators drunk...that would have been sad. but i find it interesting. i think drunks have the gift of tongues because all of them spoke ten times better in english when they tried speaking to me! hahaha

we did however have fun on new years eve.... we in our room had about 3 boxes of the word of wisdom phamplets that we never use, so i had the bright idea to pass out as many as we could in the streets for everyone to read! we passed out 518 phamplets!!!! hopefully when they are sober they will read those phamplets or hopefully they read those before drinking! for valentines day we will pass out the 3 boxes of chasity phamplets we have. :)

But we did have a baptism for the ward that we helped out with. the kid is insane though. he tried dunking himself in the water, trying to baptize himself. lets just say it was an interesting baptismal service.

But things are going great here in the good ole tacna. i love it so much! my companion and i are getting along so well and gosh i dont want to get changed from this area. there is rumors that birtcher is leaving tanca to go and train somewhere else. i wouldnt mind doing that. but i just dont want to leave yet. i love the people, my companion, and my family that i have here. but i will go and do what the lord wants me to do. we will find out sunday about changes. but pray that i can get one more change here! hahaha.

love you all so much,

Elder Birtcher


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