Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 9, 2013

Dear my wonderful family and friends!

I have no time!!!! Well i will try and give you the details. This last week has been a busy one. We are working with many wonderful people who are progressing very well, but satan is at work as well and we are running into some problems. but we are not discouraged and we are continuing to work hard and trying to be pacient. Well this last monday we had changes and elder pulido left and i have a new companion. his name is elder samuel leon from equador and i really love this guy. it has only been a week and i love every minute!!!!! our lessons are good and are continuing to improve. This last week was a little test of our faith and pacience though becasue all our lessons and appointments kept falling through and others just didnt want to talk to us. but we continue to pray hard and have faith in every footstep. the lord is with us, i know it. i had a very amazing experience yesterday. I had the chance ot witness two of my converts, bryan and marco, bless the sacrament with the priesthood that they recieved last week. i will admitt i cried a little bit. i was filled with such joy and the most amazing feeling...words cannot describe. i love this work. and to close....
one thing that stuck out ot me from the fireside last night was from elder rasband...who stated that are we too busy foucsing on presents and shopping this christmas or are we foucusing on bringing a smile and joy into the lives of those who need it. i encourage all to look for these kind of opportunities this christmas. it is weird being away from home but this is where i need to be. I thank you all for the happy birthday wishes and letters! i love you all and miss you.

till next week,

Elder Birtcher


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