Tuesday, December 17, 2013

BIRTHDAY 12-11-13

Hey guys!

first, thank you for all the birthday emails and pictures that everyone sent me! they were great and brought a big smile to this peruvian face!
This last week was a very very busy one and kind of a frustrating one. We had a bunch of appointments that all fell through and it was really tough to get help from the members. But we have been blessed and have found a ton of people who are very prepared for the message of the restored gospel of jesus christ. They seemed to be just coming out of the wood work and i testify that our heavenly father knows his children. he knows who is prepared and who is ready to hear his message and will put them in our paths. i love getting the feeling that just swells up in my heart to go and talk with someone and at first glance....not someone you would usually go up to in the street to talk to...and find that they have questions that need to be answered and that they are looking for the truth and want to change their lives. We found a lot of people that way this last week.

But as for my birthday....

It was a great one! One to definately remember. No i do not feel 19 or one day older but its kinda cool to tell people that im 19. Haha almost an adult! But on my birthday our momma here made me a great breakfeast...we had cereal and milk!!! Wow...it was amazing. we also had some sausages and great bread but the cereal and milk was just too much to ask for :) Later in the day some of the members here threw me a suprise birthday party! it was awesome. they had made me this huge cake that was so awesome and gave me a little peruvian nativity set. we ate a bunch of other food and had a great time laughing and talking. Yes my face was smashed into the cake ( i will have to send pictures next week!!) and it was just a great time. I really love the members here. they are my family and i love being with them and visiting them when we have the time to. Later that evening we found one of our investigators who we have been trying ot find for the past month again. and we had a wonderful lesson and her attitude has changed so much about the church and she just desires to find out more and read more and more. What an amazing birthday present. Oh, yes i still have the christmas spirit and helped decorate the house of our pention for christmas with the nativities and the christmas tree and the lights. It is very different here. there arent a lot of lights on the outsides of the houses (so sad) because they will get stolen but you can still feel the spirit of christmas in the air. i wish it was a little bit colder for christmas...it is so hot here. we are dying. But anyways, later that night we headed down to the gigantic christmas tree that is here in the city (luckly we have it in our area) to take some pictures as well. and they cooked me up a great big dinner with another huge cake. and yes, my face was smashed into that one as well. The tradiciones here are fun and i am enjoying it so much.
The zone also celebrated my birthday by buying me a huge cake as well. Gosh i am sick of cake....i feel so fat. no my face did not touch this cake but it was a great time as well.

As for other announcements and updates...my companion and i are doing so well. i truely enjoy working with him and the days just are flying by! it is so weird. Our lessons are going great as well and our investigators are progressing amazingly! i am really excited for them and i love watching them grow spiritually. This last sunday i got to watch my convert bless the sacrament again and he recieved a calling to be a ward missionary and he is so excited about it! I cant even describe my joy. it is just something else. I got to play the violin as ususal every week in sacrament meeting and the stake actually wants me ot play a specail musical number for the stake conference coming up but they havent told me anything yet. My comp and i got to also speak in church which went really well. I love testifying. i really do. i love teaching and preaching the precious truths of this gosepl. Nate and justin you were right. Nothing makes me more happier than teaching people about our savior jesus the christ.

Well thats all the time i have! I love you all. This is the true church upoon the earth. this is the gods work. Our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ direct this work personally. May we all remember the true meaning of chirstmas this year and share our testimonies with those around us. I hope and pray that you all are enjoying this christmas season. I pray for you and all that you do. God bless you all.
Till next week my friends and family,

The now 19 year old elder,

Elder Birtcher

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