Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello from Peru August 29, 2013

Hey Family!

Sounds like everything back home is going great!! As for your question about dear elder letters....i dont think you could send them now because the mail service down here even with the dear elder program doesnt get here for about 2-3 weeks. i got all the ones from faith, the smiths, you, and kc, and danilynn like 2 weeks late. i got a letter from marlee and that was 3 weeks late so i dont think dear elder would be good because i wont be in the ccm when they would get here! haha anyways...oh there are some things that i left in the closet that i wanted so...idk what you are going to do about that. anyways things are going great down here. i really love being a missionary and a representivte of our savior jesus christ. this last week has been sort of the usual, work, work, study, study, and study. but i love it and all of us down here has felt the spirit so strong every day! especially on sunday. i went to bed so spiritually exhausted, i basically fell asleep kneeling down in companionship prayers! we had the opportunity to have elder cook of the quorum of the 12 come here with elder tad callister of the 70 and speak with us. we also had elder wadell of the 70 and elder grow of the 70 so basically a way important meeting and man was the spirit there. it was a question/answer type of a devotional but some of the questions that were asked and the answers that were given hit me so strong and either i learned something new about what i need to do as a missionary or answers to questions that i hadnt know before were answered and the spirit was sure there. we all got to shake his and elder callisters hands along with their wives as well. such an awesome experience. oh funny story about that on sunday we had icecream cones which is the best down here because we rarely get them and so i had this big icecream cone and i walk outside to go eat it cause the weather is beautiful down here and so im taking a big bite of my icecream cone and i look up and there is elder cook and elder callister along with pres. cardon and they all just gave me a big smile and waved...probably becasuse i had icecream on my face or somehthing....haha so i am probably ´elder icecream´ to elder cook now. oh well! well now here in the ccm we just sent off another batch of missionaires to their fields which makes us the advanced group here in the ccm! so weird! honestly i felt like i just got here. the spanish is coming along great. i am now at the point where i dont think much about what people are saying and just talk with them. all our lessons that we teach have been in spnaish and it is just coming along so great. what a blessing from the lord. on tuesday night we also had a live broadcast from provo in which elder anderson of the 12 spoke and it was so cool because as the camera was going around showing all the missionaires singing...i saw josh free and micheal armstrong! haah i was looking for some of my other buddies but didnt see any! it was way cool to see them and know that they are serving the lord right beside me. elder anderson talked about love and sacrifice which really hit home for me and he taught us how to love the people that we are going to serve. i am so excited and nervous at the same time to be going out into the field in 2 weeks! but i am getting more and more confident each day as we speak to the natives here and you can understand them more and more clearly each time. what is way cool about the spanish is during my prayers at night...the ones i speak in ingles...i find myself switching back into spanish without me even realizing it! its getting hard to pray in english now! but know that i pray for each one of you and hope that everything goes well for you back home! i especially pray for you faith and jacob asking heavenly father to allow you to have the desire right now to gain a strong testimony. so strong that as elder holland said that it is so ingrained in your soul that there is not anything in heaven or earth that can remove what you know to be true. i pray that you will always choose the right and make the right decisions. i pray that you will take seminary serious faith, so that you can gain that testimony early on and be so excited for your mission...if you choose to serve. The hermanas here are really inspiring. such faith and such great attitudes. we actually got a ton of hermanas today actually filling in the spots of those who just left...and 3 are from arizona and one knows my buddy max nelson! small world, ¿verdad? anyways i just hope and pray that you two young ones will do those things and come to know your savior jesus christ by reading the book of mormon. i just finished it all the way through again and i can say without a doubt that that book is the only correct of any book on the face of this earth. i testify along with the words of joesph smith that a man can get closer to god through reading this book than any other book that has ever been written. i testify of the truthfulness of the book of mormon. i cant wait to read it again. i actually started reading jesus the christ and that is a fabulouos book. i look forward to the times when i can just sit down and read the words of james e. talmage about our savior. i know he lives. i know he loves me and all of you. he is holding is arms outsretched to all his children and beckoning them to come unto him and recieve all that the father has to offer us. i love this gospel with everything that my heart possess.

Sorry...little testimony run there. anyways back to this last week. umm...on saturday we were supposed to go proselyting again but because of elder cooks visit it got canceled so they brought in a bunch of real investigators here and members for us to teach for 4 hours. elder ellsworth and i taught some great lessons and sure felt the spirit in what we were saying. it was really good spanish practice for us. oh kacie...i accidently left my scripture case with my picture book in it in a classroom and when i went to go get it a guy was looking at it and i really didnt mind but he pointed at you and said that is hermana birtcher! he served his mission in aregentina in buenos aires i think. im sorry i forgot his name but hey someone knows you down here! oh another funny story. so a new elder came in 2 weeks ago and he also plays the violin. well there are 3 violins here in the ccm and i knew that hermana cardon and him were talking about trying to set up a trio but that was all i heard. so im at lunch and sister cardon pulls me aside and says so i will see you tonight then? i was all confused saying well i dont think i going anywhere outside the walls...if thats what you mean. she laughed and told me that we were practicing our music that night for sundays fireside!! so we are playing this sunday! haha it was a good practice and we are making history in the first ever trio violin preformance in the ccm!! sister cardon and pres. cardon are so awesome! i got to sit with them at lunch and we have such a good time talking to each other. president cardon actually comes up at night and talks with me sometimes about whatever as he is checking the bedroom situations at nights some times. he was a quarterback and loves football so we got to talking and then really couldnt stop. such a great man and his wife is so awesome. we laugh and have a good time!

Well today we woke up and went to the temple and had a great session, really felt the spirit. man, peru is such a celestial place cause i feel the spirit all the time and learn so much! after the temple we got to go walk around the little shops that they have here and got to ride on the buses again which is just a roller coaster ride!! dad dont be worried about the transportation in want to be concerned...come here because here is insane!!! last pday we got on a bus and it didnt start so we had to push start it in the middle of the street with all these cars backed up behind us honkning!! haah i bet that was a sight...8 gringo elders pushing a bus down the rode in peru. the people here like to call us the gringos! But pdays here are so fun just getting out and talking with people and just really being immersed in the spanish! But i think that sums it all up for the update from down here! the soccer skills are definatley improving and oh most of the ccm is sick from food poisioning but me and elder ellsworth have been perfectly fine and healthy. i did get my first haircut in peru and it looks like a totally military big deal! but nothing to complain of down here!

just know that i love you all so much. like i have said before and will continue to say...this is the only true church upon the earth. Heavenly father is our loving father who is very mindful and aware of each of our needs and desires of our hearts. Jesus christ is the savior of the world who laid down his life for us. i know that. joesph smith did in reality see god the father and his son jesus christ in the grove of trees and through joesph smith brought about the restoration and fulness of this gospel. I love this gospel. i am so excited to share this message with the people of peru.

I love you all very much and hope everything continues to go well at home!

till next week!


Elder Birtcher

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