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Hello from Peru! August 15, 2013

Hello family!

This week as been awesome here in the good old ccm! This week as been really busy so i hope i can get everyhting that i want to say in this email. yeah things have been going great around here. classes till 9 and a lot of spanish study and personal study! i absoultely love personal study! my soul truely hungers for the words of christ! it is amazing. i am already half way through the book of mormon!! i dont think i have ever read this fast before! but i love the stories and have learned sooooo much new things in those holy pages! it anyone does not have a testimony of the book of mormon....get it now! it will truely bless your lives and will bring happiness and much joy! We have been playing lots of fĂștbol here and ultimate frisbee. yes my skills in both are improving each day! haaha the lations sure put up a good fight in the soccer games and in frisbee i dont think i have ever played a more competitive game with the missionaires! hahah it is way fun! the spanish here is coming along just fine! i am able to talk a ton and understanding more and more each day! WE have had progressing investigators here in the ccm and elder ellsworth and i teach it all in spanish! it is so cool....i am going to try and hit the highlights from this last week really fast! alright one of the best if not the best experience this last week happened on saturday! we got to go proselyting for reals! we headed out to Lima East into the ghettos hahaah. the driving here is absoultely the craziest thing i have ever seen! lanes and lines dont mean anything and honestly driving around here is who has the most guts. hahaha i couldnt drive here at all! we got dropped off at the church building there and then got assigned our areas. elder ellsworth and i were accompanied by our teacher hermano porras and we went knocking door to door. haha i dont think i have ever seen more dogs in my life! haha they were everywhere! As we were knocking doors we got to teach a lady about the BOM and the prophet jose smith adn the restoration! she didnt seem that intesested but she told us she would call us later..idk. but one experience that really hit me and really has strenghtend my testimony even more was when we got to teach a young man named Diego. We knocked on this door like 4 times and as we were leaving this 16 year old kid comes out and asks what we are doing. my first impressions of him were i thought he was just going to tell us to go away but as we introduced ourselfs and we started talking with him we asked him if he had any questions regarding religion. I testify that this son of god was spiritually prepared to meet us missionaries. his question was so sincere and innocent that it made me cry later just thinking about it but he i always hear about god the father and jesus christ but do i have a heavenly mother?....we bore testimony to him that he did and we got to teach him aobut the BOM and the restoration of the gospel. we also touched on prophets too. my perception of this innocent 16 year kid changed instantaniously and i wanted nothing for him than for him to come unto Chirst and receive salvation! I absoultely love this people down here! and i have only been out 2 weeks. all i wanted to do was share testimony with everyone! and that is exactly what elder ellsworth and i did. we would start out the conversations and go as far as we could with them and then hermano porras would take over for a little bit and then we would finsih them and bear testimony. i have never been so happy! except for when we beat red mnt. in football. hahah jk actually i found an elder here who went to red mnt. he just got here so we are getting along just fine! exchanging stories and such! small world! anyways i have learned so much about this people and this gospel. for this is truely gods work and he has called me here to peru to preach unto this people so that they may be brought into his fold. this people here is remarkable. for whether they agree with your message or not they will hear you out and that allows the spirit to work on them. yeah we did have a lot of doors slammed in our faces but we got to share this message with some amazing individuals. haaha everyone here is catholic! haha but thats alright. President counsel in the branch presidency here said that because everyone is catholic here... we wont be changing their religion...we will be building upon it and improving it. i really hope something comes from our labors that one day! i also testify the gift of tounges is real. for on saturday as i bore my testimony with those humble people i was using words that i have never even heared or thought of before! as you open your mouth the lord WILL fill it. god is truely mindful of our needs and the desires of our hearts. what a neat and wonderful experience! i just want to get into the field so bad!! On sunday we got to listen to devotionals from elder richard g scott and elder holland. I felt the spirit so strong!! i love listening to our prophets speak! we had a very neat experience here. some of the elders here are really struggeling with the spnaish and getting really discouraged and they asked for blessing from their comps. it was such a spiritual experience and such beautiful blessings were given! i love feeling the spirit like this! yesterday i got to play with sister cardon in our duet. we are playing prelude and a special musical number which will be great! we are playing how great though art! such a pretty arrangement! mom this is specifically from sis cardon....thank you so much for making weston play the violin. i loved playing with him!....anyways. Today for pday we got to go to the temple!!! it was so awesome! the temple here is very small but goregous! it was need to do everything in spanish!! loved it! we got a little time to go and shop around for some stuff which is always fun! especially here in peru! haha i feel bad for those who are in provo! haha jk. well i am so glad everything is going so well at home! keep the letters coming! mail here is so wonderfuli just want to share my testimony with you guys. that i know my savior lives. this is is gospel and i am called here for a reason. all i desire is to teach this poeple the restored gospel of jesus chirst more than anything in the world. i want to learn spanish so that i may speak to them and allow the spirit to touch their hearts. i pray that god will allow me to share my testimony of jesus christ with everyone that i meet or see! i also desire that all my brothers and sisters come unto christ and recieve a remission of their sins through the atonemnet of jesus christ! i love this people and i will go forth and do his work with all my might mind and strength!

i love you all so much. tell all those who wrote me things Thank you so much!!! i loved it.

till next week...

Elder Birtcher

The Lords servant amongst the Lamanites

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