Monday, August 19, 2013

August 1, 2013 first letter-A Big hello from Peru!!

A big hello from Peru!!

Well we made it! Yesterday was a really long day. We made it Miami in like 4 hours where I did run into Cody Stewart! What a stud, he looked like he was just on fire with this gospel! I got to travel with 2 elders to Miami and on the flight the Flight attendants took really good care of us! They move us from middle seats to aisle seats and gave us free big water bottles and free cliff bars and were always checking in on us which was really cool! When we got to Miami we grabbed a bite to eat and then meet up with 5 hermanas heading down with us! So we boarded the plane and it got delayed. So we sat in the plane for almost 3 hours. There was no room for my violin in the compartments up above in the i sat in the middle seat, squished, with my violin in between my legs all while these little kids in the back of the plane were screaming and crying and one was hitting me with a pillow! hahaha lets just say it was the longest flight i have ever been on. But they actually took care of us pretty dang well. Beverages, meals, and snacks all the time. Got to talk to my neighbor sitting next to me who is a scientist doing research down here in Peru and Equator on bats and moths. My other neighbor was a native from Peru who spoke little English but we talked a little. Anyways we arrived in Peru a little after midnight here and had to wait and wait for our baggage and get passports stamped and go through customs but its all good. The MTC staff meet up with us at the airport and picked us up and took us to a bus at like 1 in the morning. Hahaha we couldnt understand anything they were saying to us. And everything is in Spanish so I really cant make out what signs say or anything like that! But on the bus ride to the MTC they had previously told us that Lima is pretty westernized and not "3rd world" but everything looks like a total gettho! But it is so amazing to be here. I am so excited for the work and ready to get things rolling! And It is actually pretty cold here!! Really nice compared to the mesa summers. But we arrived at the CCM early in the morning and took all our gear off the bus and the guy who was trying to tell us where to go didnt speak any there were about 5 lost elders sitting outside in the cold at 1 in the morning :) After we found where we were going we got into our rooms and woke up the sleeping elders that we are bunking with and fell asleep. other elders came in at 3 and 4 in the morning but hey we are all here! Today we got ready and ate breakfeast and got debriefed on all our stuff! we exchanged money and got our tags and books. We are meeting with the presidente and his wife soon! My companion is Elder Ellsworth from Bakersfield, California! He is 19 and is a great guy. We are getting along just fine and am excited to work with him. He is also going to Arequipa and we both are so excited for this work! Cant wait to learn spanish and start teaching. Its crazy to look out the window and see Peru and still be in shock that I am actually here! Well i got to get going but know that I love you all and miss you but this is where i am supposed to be! I know this gospel is true. I know it. Jesus is the Christ and this is his gosepl! May we all proclaim it to every nation, kindred, tounge, and people!

Love you all!

Your now Peruvian Missionary,

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