Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello from the peruvian! 11-18-2013

Hey everyone!
Wow did this week go by quick or what? i was praying that time would just slow down for a second so we could get everything done down here! But it was a great week with a lot of success. Hey i just have to tell you! so i was writing right now and my zone leader elder heward just hands me the phone and says it is President. so i answer and he asks me how my violin is going. i told him that i play a lot and that i play every week. well he says to me...elder birtcher i need a special musical number what do you have for me. i respond that i have a really pretty piece, come thou fount of every blessing, and he says okay and we talk about it and he assignes a pianist to accompany me and another elder to help accompany me, its actually elder comp in the ccm! apparently, Elder Nelson of the 12 and Elder Rasband of the 70 are coming to Arequipa and I, Elder Ellsworth, and an hermana get to perform a special musical number for them!!! HOLY COW! I am so excited! and nervous at the same time. it is going to be so awesome! yeah that just happened too. wow! faith and jake keep playing so that you can play for members of the 12 some day! Anyways getting back to this last week, we play soccer and had a great family night with our investigators. The spirit has been so strong here in all of our lessons and we just love it! Oh this last week we had the chance to do a lot of service for people. Moving rocks, carrying rocks up to roof tops and things of that nature. Haha one funny story is we were talking with one of the members who is a menos activo and he asks if we could come and help him with a service project on wednesday. we said sure and when we showed up to his house, his service project for us, well actually just for me, was to teach his little girls how to play the violin!! haah they went and bought a violin after hearing me play in church these last few weeks and want their daughters to learn how to play! so i got to teach them for almost an hour while elder pulido taught a little lesson with the dad. it is actually kinda difficult to teach someone how to play in spanish but they did fine and are excited to continue playing. wow, i guess the theme of this last week could be centered on the violin now that i think of it. because i got to play in sacrament meeting again and the primary president asked if i would accompany and perform with the primary in their program next sunday. so i went in and played with them, i am a child of god. and to be honest i loved it so much. i felt the spirit so strong from those wonderful, and such pure children of our heavenly father. they just have a radiance about them that is amazing to behold and you can feel their spirits so strong. We are all children of our heavenly father and he loves us. Anyways we had a ward baptism this last saturday and i also got to play for that as well. the violin is becoming a huge hit around here and the members always ask for it in family home evenings and in the church. honestly when i dont bring it somewhere they ask where it is! haha what a tremendous blessing!
Well i dont have much more time but our investigators are progressing just fine and we were supposed to have 3 baptisms this last week but satan is really working hard against us. but we continue to fight the good fight every day and pray for our investigators. know that i love you all and i wish i could write more!
Till next week from the good ole city of tacna, peru...this is Elder W. H. Birtcher signing off.

Haha mucho amor por todos y gracias por su apoyo y amor,

Elder Weston Birtcher

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