Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello! September 23,2013

Hello Everyone!

¿Como estan? Well things have been great down here in Tacna. we have been truely blessed by the lord and have been spiritually edified from the holy ghost. well this last week went by very fast! wow! it has been a non stop go go go but i have loved it. Alright now to the details. umm...last pday we had the opportunity to get together with other zonas and play a big game of soccer which was so fun! hahaha i got to meet some great missionaries and again it is such a small world. i meet some other elders who know someone i do and it always brings a smile to my face! okay i dont know if i fully gave a good description about my comp last week or not so i guess i will really quick. my comp is elder pulido from guadalahara mexico who speaks just a little english. he has been out on his mission for 3 months and me just about 2 so we are both greenies together. but he is a great teacher and friend. we really work well together and the lord has truely blessed me with good comps so far. this last week we have been busy contacting and tracting. we had the chance to go up into the mountain part of our area and knock doors. it is a very poor area and they were so receptive! we have a bunch of return appointements and are very excited. we had a good time not getting attacked by dogs and trying not to get completely covered in dirt but it was great. we were so dirty afterwards. i really love this area and the people in it. one thing that amazes me is even though they might not agree with your message they will be kind and listen to what you have to say, which allows the spirit an opportunity to touch their hearts. in tracting this last week we have found 3 new familias and many people who are so ready for the fullness of the gospel of jesus christ in their lives. you should have seen us filling out the progressing investigator reports. it took us forever! justin dont get mad bro. i think about you and how hard it must have been for you in the mission with those russians. sorry bro. We almost had a baptism!!! we have been working with a lady and she needed an interview with president for baptism. the interview went great and when we talked with her afterwards her zeal for baptism was gone and told us that she wasnt ready for baptism! we were so bummed! but we are working with her and hopefully this saturday it will all work out. but i love this people. i think about all those scriptures about the gospel being preached unto the lamanites and i get a burning feeling because that is me right now. i love giving service to people and want to hug all the sweet old grandmas around here! the ward is so great too. such faithful members that are in this area and very kind. yesterday in church i got to give a talk as my welcome present into the ward which went well. elder pulido also got to speak and then afterwards elder pulido was asked to give the lesson in sunday school which went very well, and after that we were both asked to speak in relief society about missionary work! haha! it went well though. when elder pulido turned the time over to me, i was nervous but words just rolled out of my mouth faster than i could think about them! i was praying that they made sense! i testify that the gift of tongues is real. the spanish is coming along great and i try and bear my testimony to everyone we come in contact with. also yesterday we found out that a less active memebers husband had passed away and we went over along with other priesthood members and sang hymns and two of the brethern gave talks about the plan of savlvacion. i know it is very sad when someone passes on. but i couldnt imagine how sad it would be if someone where to pass on and not have the knoweldge that you were ever going to see them again or be with them! i am so grateful for the opportunity that i can be with my family for eternity! i love the quote... a missionary is someone who leaves their family for 2 years so that others can be with their families for eternity. i love teaching about the plan of salavation and we have gained a lot of investigators through that lesson. well what else is new.....oh our shower heater thing broke last tuesday so it is now cold showers till we can get that fixed whenever. haha mornings here are not fun! but i just want to share my testimony with you all that i know jesus is the christ. i have been reading jesus the christ and i feel the spirit so strong everytime i read it. i know he lives and is standing with beackoning arms to all his children to come unto him. what a marveouls priveledge i have to invite all to come unto their savior. i know joesph smith was a prophet of god and thorugh him we have the fulness of the goespel of jesus christ. we got to watch joseph smith the prophet of the restoration and even though it was all in spanish and i couldnt comprehend all of it. i felt the spirit so strong. i love teaching about the restoration.

Know that i love all of you and that the lord is always near you. with the lord, nothing is impossible.
i love this gospel. i know it is true. without a shadow of a doubt in my heart. i hope all is well at home and thank you to all who wrote me. i look forward to hearing from all of you again this next week. know that your savior loves you and you are all in my prayers.

Till next week from Tacna,

Elder Weston Birtcher

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