Monday, September 30, 2013

9-30-2013 Hello

A big shout out from Peru to all you back there in the USA and throughout the world!

Wow what a crazy week we have had down here in tacna. Okay....

last monday we also got to play soccer again with all the zones in the area which is always a blast. there are some amazing elders and hermanas here serving and i really enjoy spending time with them when we get the chance to. haha one elder kicked the ball over the fence and it broke a window, the lady was going crazy and called the cops on us. so the police showed up but everything was okay. We also go the opportunity to have family home evening with one of our progressing investigators who we are trying so hard to get her to accept baptism but she keeps coming up with excuses. We taught about the restoration and we sang...yeah i sang a specail musical number!...and i also got to play my violin for them. the spirit was so strong. i love playing hte violin. i just never have time! ugh. on tuesday we had a great day! i was praying so hard asking the lord to allow us to be effective missionaries and find more people to teach and allow us to complete our goals for the day and the week. i was gung ho about the work and we went tracting in a very poor area. you know....the less people have the more receptive they are. when we tract in the city parts which in itself is still very humble but have a little bit more than everyone else are very arrogant and dont listen much. but when we tract in the hills and mnt. people are so receptive and will listen to you. my miracle story from tuesday was we had been tracting for about 3 hrs. and it was time for lunch. my comp told me that we should head back to the house for lunch. i didnt want to go and tried to persuade him to stay out longer but he was starving. i told him...Elder there are miracles on this street.....all of a sudden a family rounded the corner and i told my we went and talked with them. They both accepted baptism and are so prepared for this gospel it is amazing! we have return appointments and they are b
oth married! Rare! they are my miracle family! that night we also went back to the house of the investigator who isnt accepting baptism and were actually accompanied by the zone leaders for this lesson. i have never felt the spirit so strong. it was amazing! i have never seen satan try so hard to distract her and keep her from this gospel!!! it was literally a battle with satan for over an hour! she is still confused and wont accept baptism yet. So pray for her and us to be able to teach her in a way that will help her come unto christ! we also have found another family who all accepted baptism! all we need to do is get the parents married and teach some more! we have found over 20 new people to teach and over 4 families!!! the lord truely is answering my prayers and as we continue to be obedient and do what the lord wants...he will bless us. the ward here is great too! we had the opportunity to go out with members and tract for over an hour! what a great experience! they were all pretty nervous about knocking on the doors and all but we actually got to teach them in church and do demonstrations for them. tonight we are having a family home evening with another family and i hope that goes well! sorry this weeks letter is shorter but i got to run!

i love you and miss you all so much! pero, this is the lords work. i am in the right place and love this work. Jesus is the Christ the very son of god. our savior and redeemer. i love you all and pray for you!

Elder Birtcher

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