Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello Todos,

Where to start today....
The weeks just seem to be all meshing together and i cant keep good track of all the events. its a good thing we write in journals no? But i think some of the highlights for this past week were some great lessons that we had with our investigators, the wonderful trujillo temple dedication that took place yesterday, and our adventures during the week. :)
Like i said, we had some wonderful lessons this last week with the investigators that are going to be getting baptized this saturday and the following saturday. They had their baptismal interviews and are all set to go. This saturday we have planned another noche blanca (white night), in which we should have 2-4 baptisms again this saturday. They are really coming along in their progress and are developing their testimonies on a daily basis. I love the people we teach. We were able to go to one of their houses this week and help build a science project for one of their daughters. We built a cell project and it really turned out great! We also had the idea to take our recient converts and their families and some less actives and hike up to the highest peak here in Mollendo on Saturday morning. Its not an easy hike and a bunch of them didnt want to continue on, but eventually ALL made it to the summit. We had fun eating lunch up their and chatting and then we had a spiritual lesson about how life isnt easy, and sometimes we will want to give up as well. But we must press on and endure to the end. There will be hands to lift us up, and their will be encouragement from our loved ones...but even when times get tough, and when all seems to be going against us, and we are about to fail, Christ is always there to lift us up and lighten our burdens. I saw a ton of acts of service from the group of 18 that went with us....i saw brother and sister walk hand in hand, helping each other to the end. I saw others lighten the loads in the backpack of one to help another continue on...and i even saw an older brother carry his little cousin to the top and the end. It was a very spiritual experience for the 18 of us and we taught a lesson that i hope none of us will ever forget. We got super sun burnt but it was so worth it. 
I love the people here, i love my investigators and my converts. I feel that they are my family and i dont want to be leaving them. i have a huge chunk of my heart here. 
One of the biggest highlights of the week was the temple dedication of the trujillo temple. What a priveldge and blessing to participate in 2 of those sessions. Elder Bednar and President Uchtdorf spoke in those sessions and what a spirit bringer. I love the church, the general authorities and all the teachings and spirit that we recieve and feel inside gods holy edifices. HOW I MISS THE TEMPLE. I want to go so bad... The feelings that overwhelmed me in those sessions is indescribable... And i just want to return. It was the closest that i have gotten to the temple in about 2 years. Make sure we ALWAYS go to the house of the lord. ALWAYS. 
Other great things happened as well here in Mollendo with the people and the lessons that we have had. I am just concerned about finding some new people. So we have been focusing on that for a while now....the lord will bless us though, he always does. 
Its gotten really cold down here in mollendo which made me lose my voice for about 3 days. boy, was that an adventure. Elder Heywood did a good job though with his sure it was a great practice for him. But the whole time i had Elder Holland´s talk in my head, about how satan tries to shut our mouths so that we dont speak the truth to anyone, just as he intended to do with the boy joseph smith. you sure need your voice as a missionary! But i am feeling much better and am talking normal now :)
But to end, Happy fathers day to you dad. I hope your day was an enjoyable one for you. Wish i could be there to give  you a hug and a present. you sure mean a lot to me dad. Thank you for your example and love that you give to all of us. My thoughts were turned to you this weekend and to all the wonderful times that we have had. My heart is full of gratitiude to you. But i was thinking about it and it was mentioned in the temple dedication yesterday. Yes, it was fathers day, and when i think of fathers day, i think of a BBQ or family time or my dad, etc. But many times we forget that it is our Heavenly Fathers day as well. In Hebrews 12:9 it says: "Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh wich corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the father of spirits, and live?" or from the spanish translation, "Furthermore we had our earthly parents (or fathers) who disciplined us and we had reverence for them, why do we not then obey more our father in Heaven, the father of the spirits and live forever?" 
Mom and dad, i love you more than you could know. I miss you. i thank you for the disciplin you have given me and know that you have my utmost respect for you. But shall we not all obey better our Father In Heaven and strive to do what he asks us to do. can we not show a little bit more respect for him and just do what he asks of us. 
May we all love and reverence god and give him our uptmost respect like i have for you mom and dad. i love my god. i love my saviour and i know they live. i am his witness and love being his representative. there is no greater calling, no greater task to be doing, no greater joy to be felt, nor time to be spent, than being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Happy Fathers day to you dad. But Happy Fathers day to our Heavenly father every day of our lives. 

be safe this week. stay all healthy and we will see you soon. 

Your son and brother,


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