Monday, September 22, 2014

September 8, 2014

Mi querida Familia,
Mom guess where im writing you this letter!?! from an internet cafe in Peru (So Fancy!!! :) ) technology...its so crazy behind!!! :)

But that picture is Gorgeous! i love it! that is zion for sure. send me more pics from that new smart phone! I want one when i get home. 

for the info on the wasnt a very pleasant week lets just say that. started out in arequipa for consejo de los lideres and it went well. it was great to see all the buds in the mission again. had to say goodbye to some of my best firends going home....but no worries, we will see them up at byu. 

and we had to give the zone a huge training meeting which i was stressing out for a while but the lord sure helped but in my mouth the words that they needed to hear. elder andersons visit here has sure taught us a bunch about the atonement and how we must teach it better and apply it better in our lives more. we talked about 1st we must understand it better to even be able to apply it in our lives. and 2nd we must live it! each and everyday. there is a sister here who always says, "how did you apply the atonement in your live today?" doesent necessarily mean just repenting....(an interesting question :)) and  3rd we must testify of it with power and conviction. but if dont even understand it nor live it....we will not be able to teach about it with power. so i have been trying to do better on all that. 

i was able to do divisions with a new elder here in teh mission which turned out pretty well. got a lot of doors slammed in our faces and some "nice words were said" :) haha welcome to the mission elder. but he did great and is improving on the spanish each and everyday. 

as for the area. not doing so hot. we have nobody progressing. we cant find anyone new. nobody came to church...again. i am very frustrated. i am very annoyed i guess you could say. but the lord has my trust. we will continue to contact everyone we see as we did this whole last week. i have the faith that the lord will allow us to touch someones heart this weeek and help us have success. we are sure learning a lot. our fast yesterday was dedicated to just that. helping us find the lords chosen and helping us teach the atonement better so that those who we are instructing will feel of the spirit and understand what exactly christ did for them so that they will change their lives. he will help us. i know it. so we press on. 

my companion and i are doing great. we ahd our sunday night fire yesterday night which we enjoyed and he says hi to you all. he really is a great guy. i thank the lord for a great comp. if i didnt have a good one and the area was as it is....i think id go crazy. so count your many blessings. 

we are still planning this musical fireside program. it is for the 21st of september. we will be doing about 10 musical numbers. a vary of the spirit of god, praise to the man, if you could high to kolob, efy medley, if the savior stood beside me, and a bunch of others. i will be playing the violin with my comp elder chipman for various ones. the stake presidency has really been helping us out doing all this and they got it to be broadcasted all over moquegua. elder chipman and i will be going down to the radio station to "go live" and invite all of moquegua to come. so that will be fun!!  the stake was also trying to get a huge banner that spans the street and i think they will be putting that up!! it will be sweet! and i think thats way cool that elder grow was talking about me and stuff. elder gedoy of the area 70 also knows about this event and was invited to who knows :) it will be a program of about an 1hour and a half. We are looking forward to it. 

other than that. i am in good health. i love the mission. i love the lord. 

and i love you of course!!!! 

hope you all have a wonderful week.

Elder Birtcher


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