Monday, October 21, 2013

Hey All, Que tal!
Wow sounds like life couldnt be better back home!! And what did you do to my backyard!!!!! haha. i love the pictures and all your letters. thank you so much for them and alll your love and support for me. i really appreciate it. hey i need to see some pictures of the boat chief!! and i absolutely love the costumes!! you guys are awesome! Well to answer quickly your questions mom, we eat rice, rice, and some more rice with different things. sometimes you dont know what you are eating but overall it is very very good. Here in peru, there are pentionistas. People who we pay to cook for us and to wash our laundry. it is actually really nice not to have to worry about what we need to cook and what not because it allows us to solomente focus on the work. Our little room is off of our pentions house and i love our pentionista and her husband and little 2 year old. he is so cute and the funny thing is is he learned how to say my name and now continues to shout and shout it whenever i am around. haha and he cant say my companions name. its fun and its always great to be with them. my family away from my family. i am actually loosing weight though. but thats alright. i was fat anyways and needed to loose some libres.
Anyways....about this week!
Haha it was a busy one. Work, work, work, oh and more work. But i love it. the more work the better. Again the lord is blessing us in this part of his vineyard with more amazing people to teach about this gospel. This last week was the last week of this change and on monday we actually got to together as a zone to have some fun activities for our last pday as a zone. we headed down to the church and got to play some fun games and then we headed over to our zone leaders house and went up on the roof. there was a fire pit and a bunch of American food! it was so fun. we played signes and that is very interesting playing in spanish for the first time and we had hot dogs and soda and some chips. one of the zone leaders recieved a package from home with nacho cheese and el pato!! yeah im not the only one here who knows what el pato is!! haha it tasted so good. we had a really neat spiritual meeting in which we all got to bear our testimonies and the spirit was so strong. nothing like sitting around a fire on a roof in the middle of peru. im going to miss the camping and hunting trips you guys are going to take. afterwards we taught all the latinos how to make smores and had those too. it was a great time and we all are sad that the zone is splitting up.
As the week continued we found some great families and people to teach. it is amazing at how the lord will put people literally in your way to teach. we found one family who is so ready and willing to hear and accept the message. i hope everything continues to go well as we work with them. what mas...oh like i said the zone was splitting up so we made a jersey for the zone and they are sweet! we had some fun taking pictures with those. sorry i will send those later. On friday we actually had a little suprise party for one of the elders that is going home in our zone too. dont worry we arent partying it up all the time down here. we still meet our goals and the work gets done! but it was fun we had some great empenadas which are absolutely fantastic down here along with some cookies and crackers....what other crazy things happened. oh a dog bit me! dont worry it didnt break the skin and no marks or anything so i dont have rabbis but it was a good bite on my ankle. haah there are so many dogs around here and some we have to mess with a little bit. some dogs are literally, dogs of the devil. but for the most part we dont have many problems with them. (everything is good, i hope you like the pics i sent...we decided to have some fun). Yesterday i got to give a talk in sacrament meeting and i spoke about the book of mormon and the importance of that book. Please, anyone who reads this letter, read the book of mormon. that book is oh such great importance and value, you have no idea. The words that it contains in its pages will change your life. I encourage all to read and then with sincerety of heart, pray to your heavenly father and ask if it is true. take moroni s promise. it is true and i testify you will receive and answer. i have recieved a witness that that book is the most correct book of all the books on the face of the earth. i know that it contains the fulness of the gospel of jesus christ. please, please, please, read. read and ponder its message. I know without a doubt that it was translated and brought about by a prophet of god. joseph smith truely did see in reality our heavenly father and our savior jesus christ. i know it. i know it. and you can know it to. Just pray, pray with all you have to our father in heavenly and ask. you shall recieve. and i promise you that it will change your life. it has changed mine.
Anyways i also got to teach the primary!!! i loved it. really enjoy the kids down here in peru!
Anyways got to run! but know that this is the true church upon the earth! i love you all and pray for your success!

love you, till next week!

Elder Weston Birtcher

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